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Ex-passenger recalls disturbing experience aboard Titan submersible World News


A massive search is underway for a submersible missing with five people on board, and several former passengers have recounted their experiences aboard titan in the past. The submersible started its journey on the morning of Sunday, June 18. About 1 hour and 45 minutes after descending, the ship lost contact with the support ship Polar Prince, which transported it to the scene.

The Titan submersible operated by OceanGate Expeditions explores the sunken wreck of the Titanic off the coast of Newfoundland, diving in an undated photo (OceanGate Expeditions/Handout via Reuters) via REUTERS

David Pogue was aboard the ship last November while on an assignment for CBS Sunday Morning. Journalists now describe the Titan as a “minivan with no seats.”

“If something goes wrong, there’s not much you can do about it,” he said in an interview with NPR. He also noted that there are multiple ways for the Titan to return to the surface, which will work “even if there is a power outage, even if everyone on board is passed out.”

“My trip was not going well. We went down to 37 feet and then they had a mechanical problem and we had to abort the dive,” he added. “I was devastated, devastated and didn’t see it coming. But then I learned that very few of these dives go as planned.”

David claimed he had to sign the “this will curl your toes” waiver, saying they were “basically an eight-paragraph list of ways you could be permanently disabled or killed”. David says OceanGate is “not a tour company” but for “wealthy adrenaline junkie adventurers who thrive on adventure”. “But for them, you know, the risk yes life,” he added.

“The Simpsons” screenwriter Mike Rice and his wife boarded the Titanic last year to see the wreck. He told KIRO 7 that seeing the famous ship was “not submerged or overwhelmed” because even reaching the wreck site was “a real struggle”.

“We have very, very short time because in addition to the two-and-a-half mile hazard, there is a hurricane approaching from sea level that is about to hit our boat. Our window is really tight,” he said.

“You land on the bottom of the ocean and say ‘well, where is the Titanic? We know it’s somewhere nearby.'” …It feels a bit like a tourist attraction,” he added.

The five passengers on the Titan submersible have been identified as OceanGate Expeditions chief executive Stockton Rush, British billionaire Hamish Harding, French diver Paul Henri Paul Henry Nargeolet with Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman.

Mike said: “I’m sure the whole world is very worried about these kinds of things, but you should know after going through this, you know how dangerous it is … We are all part of this ongoing experiment. They are doing research and inventing technology.”

“So, before you go on, you sign this long, long waiver that mentions possible death three times on the first page. So … you know what you’re going to encounter,” he said. added. “In fact, when I stepped on the sub, part of me was, ‘Well, this might be the end.'”

Aaron Newman, an investor in OceanGate and a former 2021 passenger, told TODAY the ship was “comfortable but not roomy”. “Within 5 to 10 minutes, you’re in pitch blackness, total darkness. You can have lights from the submersible and you can see both the outside and the inside. Without that, your light goes out at any depth below 100 meters, “He said.

“They’re professional crews and they’ve had a lot of training on safety and weight loss backup systems, so I felt very safe. But…this isn’t a Disney ride, is it?” he concluded. “We’re going where very few people have gone, and that’s invention. So there’s a risk, right? We know that, but all these people accept that.”


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