Luciano Benavides - Husqvarna Factory Racing - 2023 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge

Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Skyler Howes and Luciano Benavides return to the FIM World Rally Championship this weekend in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. With Skyler third in the Dakar less than six weeks after its conclusion and Luciano taking three stage wins en route to sixth, the duo is full Confident and excited to be back on the field.

The second round of the FIM World Rally Championship’s Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge is not far from where Howes and Benavides enjoyed great success last month. The race will take place on terrain very similar to Dakar, with the entire race taking place in the vast sand dunes of the Liwa Desert. During the six-day event, both drivers are confident of maintaining their impressive early-season form in their FR 450 rally cars.

Skyler Howes is No. 10 in the 2022 ADDC, though that marks his return to racing after being injured in Dakar that year. Now, after a career-best 2023 Dakar finish, the likeable American is already looking to improve his first-round form with a win in Abu Dhabi. Fully aware of the challenges ahead, House will, as always, go all out to get through the five difficult stages.

Luciano Benavides won his first FIM World Rally Stage victory at last year’s Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. Going on to claim another three wins at this year’s Dakar, Benavides’ confidence is high as he focuses on success in the second round. Luciano is very pleased with his FR 450 rally performance in the dunes and fully tuned-in nav, and he will impress at ADDC.

Skyler House: “I’m really excited about this race. After my result in Dakar, I feel good and my confidence is very high. It’s my second time doing this race, so it’s still relatively new to me, but I Nice to start the race. I made some mistakes in Dakar, no big deal, so for ADDC, I will focus on not making the same mistakes again, which should make the race go better. Every race will bring New challenge, I’m sure next week will be interesting.”

Luciano Benavides: “I prepared really well for this race and I have fond memories of the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge because I won a stage here last year. I also won three stages in Dakar , the next step is to get on the podium. Since the Dakar I had four or five days off, but then I went straight to training for this race and the rest of the season. I’ve been working hard and I Hopefully that will show in next week’s results.”

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