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‘Final Fantasy 16′ producer tries to win back fans’ trust


  • Stephen Powell
  • gaming reporter

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“Final Fantasy 16” will be released on Thursday (pictured is the eyes of the protagonist Clive)

Sophisticated haircuts, meticulous coiffures, a loyal cast of countrymen, and more plot twists than Inheritance. These are the elements that have made the Final Fantasy series stand the test of time.

However, the latest release, which launched on Thursday, has some work to do after the previous game received mixed reviews.

“Final Fantasy XVI” producer Naoki Yoshida explained: “Since the story of “Final Fantasy XV” is not as popular as past works, we need to focus on regaining the trust of players and showing them again what the series is all about. The content is all about the story.”

The story, apparently inspired by fantasy shows like Game of Thrones, encourages players to think about better protecting the planet. This theme runs throughout the series’ history.

How to interpret this information should be up to the player, but Yoshida said: “I see the game as entertainment, and I hope that through this entertainment, the player can take something away.

“It’s also important to talk about the setting and those issues, but I think what Final Fantasy 16 is also about is that there is darkness in the world, and we have darkness in ourselves. We have to accept the darkness, overcome it, and move toward tomorrow. . .

“But I can’t say that’s how the players should feel because everyone gets something different. But if they do feel something then it makes us very proud and happy.”

Most games don’t disclose information about social or political issues so as not to alienate potential players who may have a different opinion.

Aoife Wilson, who reviewed the game’s title for Eurogamer, said that the series’ ecological themes are obvious: “I think, in general, in most Final Fantasy games, when you take the story When it comes down to it, the story is all about protecting the planet, and being wary of it. Mining it for selfish reasons.

“However, what I really like about ’16’ is that it tries harder than its predecessors to express it all from a very human perspective.”

Image Source, Square Enix


Crystals play an important role in the series, especially in Final Fantasy XVI

The first game for the Nintendo Entertainment System was released in 1987, and the franchise has since sold some 173 million copies.

As an example of the Japanese role-playing game genre (JRPG), the series is unique in that each title is set independently of the others (except for some small overlaps). Beloved characters, locations and worlds live and die in one game. It’s as if The Sopranos swapped out Tony for a new character each series and dropped New Jersey for a different location.

It’s a risky approach that requires players to forget their attachment to previous characters and become emotionally invested in new characters each time. Yet the series persisted.

According to Wilson, it’s a way of trying to keep the series fresh: “It means, for example, that you don’t have to have played six to play seven.

“They’re both stand-alone, but they really have nothing in common, and also pay homage to previous games for fans. I often think that’s why they’re so successful, and the fact that these games have to constantly reinvent themselves.”

Final Fantasy games aren’t for everyone. They require patience and reward players for their investment. Attacks take learning and mastery–banging buttons at random will only get you so far in the series.

The script was a bit over the top, some of the storylines were a bit conventional, and Final Fantasy XV was criticized for having four male characters as its main focus. This attempt was more diverse, featuring the female character Jill and featuring queer relationships, but the protagonists were still predominantly white.

The role-playing game space is currently highly competitive (for example, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Hogwarts Legacy are the best-selling games this year), and Final Fantasy XVI does have its workspace to attract players. Someone who is not a fan of the series.

However, its tone, unique aesthetic, and delightful set piece combat give it a distinct point of difference.

Image Source, Square Enix


The original Final Fantasy was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987

Wilson said that this version was the first in the series in a while, and she saw an opportunity to cut in: “When I was writing a review for Final Fantasy XVI, I asked myself ‘Who should I recommend this to? game? ‘

“The funny thing is, I think, for the first time in a long time, I can recommend this game to pretty much anyone who is interested in a game. I can do that without much warning or explanation, I think that’s a very good sign for the series.

“Honestly, judging by recent entries in the series, it’s hard to do that. Fifteen is good, has some good moments, but when it came out, it didn’t feel like a finished game .It had some of the right ingredients, but it didn’t all come together.”

This version has a darker tone than the previous version. This departure is meant to make the series more appealing to new players, who’ll be more used to the feel than some of the gothic and modern mash-ups we’ve seen in the past.

Image Source, Square Enix


Final Fantasy 16 has plenty of big boss battles that fans of the series have come to expect

A JRPG fan once told a friend about the genre’s classic that “it took about 80 hours of playing before he really got into it”. Not everyone wants to stick with a game for that long before seeing the best of it.

It wouldn’t be fair to say the same about Final Fantasy XVI, but it’s a game that requires a significant investment of time to fully exploit. The recent success of games like The Legend of Zelda, Elden Ring, and Hogwarts Legacy shows that this shouldn’t be a barrier to success. A player’s interest in the games they love can easily extend to hours invested in such story-driven titles.

Its creators hope it’s not just fans of the series who are willing to see it through.

Final Fantasy XVI will be released on Thursday, June 22.


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