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Introducing Vishal Punjabi: The Creative Force Behind Wedding Videos of Bollywood’s Elite

Bollywood Elite On February 10th this year, Instagram users were treated to a delightful surprise – a wedding video of Bollywood stars Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra. The video, produced by The Wedding Filmer, instantly became a hit on various platforms. Vishal Punjabi, the founder of The Wedding Filmer, has a remarkable portfolio of shooting and producing wedding films for Bollywood’s elite, including the likes of Anushka Sharma-Virat Kohli, Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone, and the Ambani siblings, Akash and Isha.

The Birth of The Wedding Filmer: A Journey from Broken Beginnings to Cinematic Excellence

Vishal, who has created between 360 to 500 wedding films, recalls that he was inspired to start the company after planning his own wedding film in 2010. The video went viral, leading others to seek similar cinematic experiences for their weddings. Despite starting in an industry where wedding videography wasn’t considered prestigious, Vishal and his team have played a pivotal role in making it a respectable career.

Capturing the Essence: Vishal’s Approach to Wedding Videography: Bollywood Elite

For Vishal, respect and capturing genuine moments are paramount in his work. He emphasizes the importance of being unobtrusive and discreet when documenting weddings. His videos have a knack for humanizing celebrities, bringing out the love, personal moments, and families’ joy. Vishal believes in composing original music for his films and has a dedicated team for crafting the perfect background score.

Challenges and Triumphs: High-Profile Bollywood Weddings Through Vishal’s Lens

Handling high-profile Bollywood weddings comes with its challenges, including tight security and privacy concerns. Vishal uses codenames and takes various precautions to safeguard his clients’ privacy. Nevertheless, the excitement of creating each wedding film can sometimes be a test of keeping secrets.

Memorable Celebrations: Stories of Love That Touched Vishal’s Heart

One memorable wedding, according to Vishal, was an “intense” multicultural celebration in Dubai. The couple, hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds, overcame challenges related to family, religion, and culture to celebrate their love.

Cherishing Authenticity: Vishal’s Disapproval of Certain Wedding Practices

As for wedding elements Vishal doesn’t appreciate, he points out misogyny and practices involving animals like horses with drums and fireworks. He believes there’s no place for cruelty to animals and that it’s time to abandon such traditions.

Advice for Aspiring Couples: Planning the Perfect Cinematic Wedding Experience: Bollywood’s Elite

Vishal advises couples to get in touch as soon as their wedding dates are set, and his rates typically start from around 10,000 pounds.

Seeking Love and Inspiration: Vishal’s Journey of Learning from Others’ Stories

Throughout his career, Vishal has had deep conversations with brides, grooms, parents, and grandparents, delving into their experiences of love and family. He draws inspiration from these interactions and hopes to find his own lasting love story one day.

The Wedding Filmer’s work not only captures stunning visuals but also the heart and soul of the weddings they film. With their dedication to authenticity and genuine emotions, Vishal and his team continue to elevate the art of wedding videography in the world of Bollywood.

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