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“Falling in Love with Dubai’s Sculpture: Insights from Georgian Artist Toma Senko on the City as Inspiration”

Georgian Artist In a captivating display of artistic brilliance, Georgian artist Toma Stenko recently introduced her exhibition, ‘Colourful Silence,’ at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel in Dubai. Drawing inspiration from Claude Monet’s works, this exhibition stands as a testament to Stenko’s unwavering dedication during her residency in the vibrant city.

Praise for Dedication

Seth Benzel, owner of the 8th Ave Gallery and director of the artist-in-residence program at Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, commended Stenko’s commitment, hailing her as the “epitome of the perfect kind of artist in residence.” Stenko’s classics, focused on cultural reflection, beautifully capture the essence of Dubai’s rich heritage.

Connecting through Colors: Georgian Artist

Stenko’s creations not only showcase her skill but also reveal a profound connection to Dubai’s rich culture and heritage. Describing Dubai as a “new world, new culture, new people, new inspiration,” Stenko found the city to be an amazing source of freedom, safety, and gentle inspiration.

Listening to ‘Colourful Silence’

The title, ‘Colourful Silence,’ holds significance beyond its poetic appeal. Stenko, a lover of the language of colors, believes in their ability to speak. She notes, “Colours can speak. We sometimes don’t listen to colours. But colours have amazing energy and an amazing influence for people because each colour has different stories.”

A Mosaic of Emotions: Georgian Artist

As a culture enthusiast, Stenko aims to tell the stories of women through different colors and emotions, creating a mosaic-like collection. Each painting becomes a unique chapter in the collective narrative of womanhood, inviting viewers to feel the emotions and experiences portrayed on canvas.

Dubai as Muse

Dubai is more than just a backdrop for Stenko; it’s a wellspring of inspiration. She explored the old city, delving into its cultural roots to better understand its relevance. Stenko was surprised by the power of Dubai’s cultural impact, a force that fueled her creativity.

Artistic Exploration Beyond Skyscrapers

This marks Stenko’s second visit to the UAE, and she feels a profound connection with the culture and heritage. In her eyes, Dubai’s culture had chosen her, guiding her to open herself to a new world. Her art stands testimony to this connection as she moves beyond the facade of skyscrapers and wide roads to outline the exclusivity of the culture.

Active Participant in Cultural Tapestry

Stenko is not merely a spectator; she is an active participant in Dubai’s cultural tapestry. Her fondness for Arabian food and love for the Arabic language, which she describes as “music to my ears,” reveal a genuine appreciation for the intricacies of the local lifestyle.

Collaboration and Diversity

In collaboration with local Emirati artist and photographer Alia Sultan Aljoker, Stenko praised Alia’s passion and deep understanding of art. Their collaboration, born in the Museum of Future, stands as a testament to the city’s ability to bring together artists with diverse perspectives.

Focus on Arab Women

Stenko’s focus on painting Arab women was a conscious choice rooted in a desire to delve deep into the culture. She emphasized the mystery behind the attire and the untold stories as a wellspring of inspiration.

Exploring Cultural Nuances: Georgian Artist

Her exploration of Dubai’s cultural nuances extends beyond the canvas. Stenko finds that a simple walk, an open heart, and an attentive ear are all one needs to absorb the city’s influential heartbeat.

Optimism for Artists in Dubai

Stenko’s optimism about opportunities for artists in Dubai is infectious. She sees a positive energy for women artists in the country, making it the best time to be part of the burgeoning art scene. She envisions Dubai as a space for diverse artists, irrespective of age, providing a platform for creative expression.

Celebrating ‘Colourful Silence’: Georgian Artist

Toma Stenko’s ‘Colourful Silence’ is not just an exhibition; it’s a symphony of colors, emotions, and cultural nuances. Through her paintings, she invites us to listen to the silent stories of Dubai, to feel the heartbeat of a city that has become her muse. Her art is a celebration of the diverse, the mysterious, and the profoundly beautiful elements that make up the tapestry of Dubai’s culture.

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