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“Temporary Suspension of Food Truck Permits in Designated Areas in Abu Dhabi”-1

Abu Dhabi authorities have temporarily suspended permit services for food trucks operating in designated “unserved areas” within the city. The municipality’s advisory, shared on the X social media platform, clarified that no new permits will be issued, and existing ones will not be renewed for food trucks in these specific parts of Abu Dhabi city “until further notice.”

Areas Unaffected

The suspension exclusively applies to “unserved areas,” ensuring that permit issuance and renewals remain unaffected in other locations. Permitted areas include Khalifa City, Al Hudayriat, Al Shamkha, Al Khatam, and Adnoc stations.

Anticipating Peak Season: Food Truck 

With the winter season attracting more residents to outdoor venues, the food truck business expects a potential increase in customers. Despite the anticipated surge, authorities remain committed to enforcing regulations strictly, particularly during the peak season.

Consistent Regulatory Reminders

The Abu Dhabi Municipality has consistently reminded food truck operators to adhere to established rules. Specific requirements, such as prohibiting trucks from parking unless actively serving customers and mandating uniform attire for all staff members, have been set to ensure compliance.

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