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Germany launches campaign for 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites


The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) has launched the fascinating “51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – History, Modernity, Germany” campaign to entice Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) tourists to discover the wonders of Germany during the vibrant summer months.

With 51 World Heritage Sites and more than 6,000 museums, Germany offers a wealth of interesting places of cultural and historical significance.

Blending rich history and modern glamour, Germany offers a remarkable experience where ancient castles, picturesque landscapes and bustling cities coexist seamlessly. Through its latest campaign, GNTB seeks to showcase the country as the ideal summer destination for Gulf travelers, captivating them with a wide variety of attractions, cultural encounters and unforgettable adventures. Whether in the city or the countryside, German culture is respected and preserved, providing inspiration for the future.

Among the 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Historic, Modern, Germany, Germany unwaveringly promotes its palaces and castles, nature and gardens, architecture and design, churches and monasteries, cultural heritage and historic town centres. Some notable places that explorers can discover during this campaign include the Augustusburg and Falkenrast castles in Brühl, the Magavelle Opera House in Bayreuth, the Dessau – The Garden Kingdom in Wörlitz, the Bauhaus ruins in Weimar Dessau and Bernau, the Cologne Cathedral and the historic centers of Stralsund and Wismar, among others. This allows tourists to embrace Germany’s “stay longer” initiative, explore the country’s many regions and take advantage of the rich and varied experiences each region has to offer.

Travelers can also take advantage of GNTB’s interactive map (https://www.germany.travel/en/campaign/world-heritage/home.html) to immerse them in Germany in all its glory. The tool enables visitors to seamlessly blend exploration of 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites with exciting city tours and breathtaking natural sights, uncovering the secrets of extraordinary cultures lovingly preserved over hundreds of generations. veil.

“We are delighted to be promoting our latest campaign, 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Historic, Modern, German, and inviting GCC visitors to embark on an extraordinary journey through the country’s rich cultural and historical treasures, “The German National Tourist Office (GNTO), headquartered in Dubai.

“Germany harmoniously blends rich heritage with modern glamour, offering extraordinary experiences, from majestic castles to beautiful landscapes, making it the perfect summer destination.”

In addition, Germany has always been at the forefront of promoting sustainable development to tourists, and there is no doubt that the country offers a large number of initiatives and activities through which tourists can explore in a sustainable way; from the use of From public transport to choosing an eco-certified hotel. – Trade Arab News Agency


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