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Giancarlo Esposito interested in playing Professor X in the MCU

Giancarlo Esposito interested in playing Professor X in the MCU

Giancarlo Esposito Known for playing villains.Although his acting career has spanned decades, he is known for his breaking Bad. Since then, he has solidified his villain credentials Governor Gideoncentral antagonist of mandalorianSo, it stands to reason that Esposito might be eager to play one of the good guys for a change, with one superhero role in particular on his mind: Professor X.

“I love everything Marvel does,” he recently told Jimmy Fallon. “I love that the fans can see me in this universe… the biggest problem is Charles Xavier. Look, I want to play a good guy. Charles is smart, he’s good. But I feel like there might be some The mileage is with me and Marvel, I know I love what they do, I know I love creativity, so who knows what’s going to happen, keep putting it out there.”

Now that the rights to the X-Men characters belong to Marvel Studios, it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing new versions of mutant heroes in the MCU – and this isn’t the first time Esposito has been hinted at in a possible Role.During a live Q&A in 2022, he revealed that he has Talked to Marvelsaying “Someone’s talking about Magneto…somebody’s talking about Doom…and Professor X.”

any potential x-men Unless Marvel Studios plans to introduce characters from other films in Phase 5 of the MCU, a reboot will be years away at this point. Simultaneously, Esposito will return to a galaxy far, far away in upcoming third seasonmandalorian, You can catch him now in the chaotically chronological heist series kaleidoscope on Netflix.

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