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GOL Airlines chooses Aviareps as sales agent in UAE


Brazilian airline GOL Linhas Aéreas has appointed Aviareps, the world’s leading travel, aviation and hospitality agency, as its General Sales Agent (GSA) in the UAE and in 18 countries around the world.

Aviareps has 67 offices in 61 countries and will be in the UAE, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Benelux, Nordic countries, UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Malaysia and Panama.

GOL is a Brazilian airline headquartered in São Paulo with a hub in São Paulo. Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Fortaleza. Founded in 2001, GOL has grown into one of Latin America’s largest airlines, operating around 700 flights per day.

The airline offers convenient air travel options to numerous destinations in Latin America, North America and the Caribbean. GOL is the winner of Best Overall in South America at the 2023 APEX Passengers’ Choice Awards. GOL Airlines operates a modern fleet of 144 Boeing aircraft to ensure a comfortable and reliable flying experience for passengers.

The partnership with Aviareps will strengthen GOL’s presence, expand its sales in key global markets, including the Middle East, and drive more travel and tourism in these markets. With offices in 61 countries around the world, Aviareps has the resources and expertise necessary to effectively expand GOL’s global reach.

Luiz Teixeira, Head of International Sales at GOL, said: “We are delighted to announce Aviareps as our general sales agent in 18 markets around the world. This strategic partnership with Aviareps will further strengthen our global presence and allow us to reach New audiences across the globe. Aviareps’ extensive knowledge and experience in the aviation industry makes them the ideal partner to represent GOL Airlines. Together we are committed to increasing our brand awareness and providing a seamless travel experience to passengers worldwide. We believe that Aviareps’ expertise and extensive network will play a key role in driving GOL Airlines’ growth in these key markets.”

Glenn Johnston, Vice President Middle East and Global Public Affairs at Aviareps, said on LinkedIn: “It is exciting to have GOL Linhas Aéreas selected as the UAE’s GSA for its excellent flight network in Brazil and the Americas. We are very proud to join and promote in the UAE airlines and networks.”

Marcelo Kaiser, Chief Operating Officer of Aviareps: “We are delighted to be appointed GSA of GOL Airlines. This partnership marks an important milestone for both companies, as we join forces to enhance GOL’s global Leading carrier status for domestic and overseas destinations.

“Our extensive expertise in the aviation industry and our global network of offices will allow us to effectively market GOL’s services, expand its client base, and drive growth in key markets. We are confident that this partnership will be fruitful, And provide passengers with more opportunities to experience the excellent service and value that GOL Airlines provides.” – trade arab news agency


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