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Grammy Awards | Grammy.com

Grammy Awards | Grammy.com

The Recording Academy and CBS debut Grammy House: Where the Stars Gather Celebrate on the Hollywood Walk of Fame February 1-3 2023 Grammy AwardsFor three days, the House of the Grammys hosted a full schedule of programs, performances, DJs and multimedia art installations, with a special nod to this year’s 50th anniversary of hip-hop.

Interact with a curated treasure trove of hip-hop history, including photographs, groundbreaking books on the art and culture, and platinum awards, in an invitation-only experience. The corridors leading to the performance area are plastered with popular lyrics and catchphrases, while the main stage, styled like a subway station, is graffitied with the names of hip-hop pioneers. Platinum plaques and photographs showcase the culture’s commercial and artistic achievements.

The House of Grammys also offers a variety of social media photos and black and white portrait shoots.Guests can also purchase merchandise pop-ups with exclusive limited editions Grammy Capsule Collection Designed by Mark Braster, CEO of Brast Studio, the Rolling Loud 2023 who worked with Shenzhen Aeronautics and Space AdministrationLos Angeles Lakers, H&M, Neiman Marcus, jack harlow and more.

If you’re not there, we’re afraid you’re missing out on some great fun! But we’re definitely not here to rub it in, we’re here to share jewels in a fully immersive, three-day pop-up experience. Here are the key moments from the house of the first Grammys.

hip hop world

The large “Hip-Hop Universe” space created by Anthemic Agency and FLOOD Magazine features a multi-generational photo exhibit and art installation, including a towering collage of turntables, speakers, samplers and other important early tools that helped create Beats and rhymes captivate the world. The visual experience is curated by Def Jam’s founding creative director, Cey Adams, the legendary image maker behind the brand’s iconic logo, mary blach. As the designer of a new book at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, Adams is currently on tour with a retrospective of his work spanning 40 years.

Adams invites photographer friends Janette Beckman, Danny Clinch, Brian “B+” Cross, Greg Noire, Michael Lavine and Gunner Stahl to share outstanding photographs from their acclaimed work, and the exhibition includes some of the most recognizable images in culture, from the 1970s to date. In doing so, he emphasizes the important role these photographers played in the development of hip-hop visual artists.

“Danny Clinch’s image of Tupac is iconic,” Adams cites as an example. “When you think of Tupac, that’s what you see in your sleep! When you think of Salt-N-Pepa, you think of them wearing those 8-Ball jackets, and that’s a picture of Janette Beckman.”

#GRAMMYsNextGen Energy Brunch

House of the Grammys Hosts Inaugural POWER BRUNCH for New, Surprising Achievements Wednesday Level 35 Officer #GRAMMYsNextGen ambassadors and advisors. These executives, producers, songwriters and engineers work in different parts of the industry and have mobilized to help The Recording Academy inspire the brains and hearts of young artists and future music industry breakouts.

At the House of the Grammys, the group celebrated their new roles and learned more about Recording Academy membership from Kelley Purcell, Vice President of Membership and Industry Relations.

take this opportunity

For anyone entering the industry, the opportunity to showcase your talents could be your bridge to a prosperous career. During the Celestial Sessions Emerging Artist Showcase, guest host and social comedy star Dessy Banks pulled three aspiring singers on stage as part of the magic of Grammy Week.

The inspiring show embodies some of the most important lessons for succeeding in this industry: take your passion with you wherever you go, don’t be afraid to fail, be open to opportunities and seize them. With just 10 seconds of sheer courage, you can create a moment that changes your career path forever. — Rachael MacQuarrie, Grammy University Representative

star studio

Thursday’s STARMAKER STUDIO brings together leading platinum producers to share stories and advice to the next generation.Moderated by panelist Murda Beatz Jocelyn “Joz” DonaldLondon On Da Track, Jeff Gitty, Larrance “Rance1500” Dopson, ATL Jacob, Tommy Brown and Ojivolta continue to impart knowledge aimed at developing aspiring beatmakers and creators in hip hop and beyond.

“Culture trumps strategy every time,” Jozzy said this year with Mary J. Blige and beyonce, suggestion. While business acumen is crucial, her advice puts talent at the forefront, right where it belongs.

After a great Q&A session with the audience, Murda Beatz said goodbye to the audience and offered to stay and chat. “your [future] Platinum collaborators could be right in this room! “

lit closing party

The second annual #GRAMMYsNextGen party and red carpet capped off Grammy House Week with a sold out house. Leading young artists, fashion setters and the next generation of music executives don their trendiest attire, mix and enjoy light meals and delicious themed cocktails: Keep your eyes open like CBS, Thug Passion and Grammy Gold. Special guests include actors, artists and influencers such as Jaden Smith, DaniLeigh, Lil Mosey, Jaden “jxdn” Hossler, London on da Track, JELEEL!, Bktherula, Earthgang, Sebastian Bails, Asher Angel, Mod Sun, Zhavia, Yung Trench, Loren Gray, Surf Mesa, Em Beihold, Vedo, King Mala, Jogie, McKayla Chandler, Blu de Tiger, Max Drazen, Lilliana Ketchman, Aidan Bissett, Trevor Daniel, Cub Sport, Nija Charles, Sierra Capri, Ava Kolker, McKenzi Brooke, La’Ron Hines and Diarra.

The inaugural House of Grammys set a high bar for networking, celebrating music and music culture — and it was pure fun. Budding artists, producers, creatives and executives have a new and unique place to meet. If these hashtags describe you, don’t worry about the FOMO that may exist now, event producers advise — please use this as motivation to attend future Grammy House events!

go to live.GRAMMY.com Watch all the Grammys performances, acceptance speeches, live-streamed specials from the Grammys red carpet, full premiere livestreams, and more exclusive, never-before-seen content from the 2023 Grammys throughout the year.

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