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Hannah Waddingham explains why she loves how her ‘Game of Thrones’ character looks like she’s been ‘dug out’


    Sister Unella and Cersei in Game of Thrones.

Sister Unella and Cersei in Game of Thrones.

these days, Hannah Waddingham Best known for her role as the stylishly dressed AFC Richmond owner Rebecca Welton Ted Lasso. However, before she donned a suit and heels to run a football club, she wore a robe in the game of Thrones – who is more commonly known as the woman who said “shame”.Now, the Emmy-winning actress details the importance of her portrayal in the fantasy series and why she really likes her get The character looks like she’s just been “dug out”.

when it comes to the new season Ted Lasso exist landscapeThe panelists couldn’t resist asking Waddingham about her iconic game of Thrones features. After talking about the power of seeing a tall, powerful woman on screen, the actress also talked about how amazing Sister Urnera’s looks are, even if she looks like she just crawled out of the grave. she says:

That’s a theater thing. I mean Whoopi, I’ve already talked about this. That’s a theater thing. You must be selfless and only serve the role. I’m not interested in watching Dory all the time, it needs to fit the character. I mean I love the fact that in Game of Thrones, I look like I just got dug up, dug out of somewhere.

Boy does it seem like a good fit for the role. Hannah Waddingham still interacts with fans game of Thrones, The fact that she was the woman who said “shame” shows just how many people were affected by her performance.

Although she only starred in eight episodes, she made a profound impact on people get, just about anyone who has seen the show probably vividly remembers the way Cersei “shame” walked, and the woman who rang the bell behind her.The entire sequence as a whole, with Cersei’s Naked Walk Juxtaposed with Waddingham’s robed nun ringing the haunting bell behind her, it’s one of the most visceral and uncomfortable moments.Honestly, I’d say it’s better than some of the most brutal terrible death get. Part of the reason it works so well is that both women are fully committed to their roles, and they “serve” the characters “selflessly”.

Like Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsay and others, Hannah Waddingham is from game of Thrones, his career has indeed flourished in recent years. Part of the success for me is her dedication to acting and her theater background. As she points out, in theater it’s important to be selfless and do what’s best for the person you’re playing.she did getshe continues to do so, especially Ted Lassowhich was her Emmy-winning show.

Overall, it was cool to see a peak behind the scenes and hear what the cast was up to.Part of Hannah Waddingham’s get Her monotonous covering outfits and stern-faced personality are so well delivered, and her obsession with styling is just the icing on the cake.

See Hannah Waddingham at game of Thrones,you can use it maximum subscription. As far as what the actress is up to lately, you can see her being the lovely Rebecca Wilton Ted Lasso and Apple TV+ Subscription.


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