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Sports & Entertainment Spotlight: From Father’s Wisdom to Championship Glory – Nikola Jokic’s Journey to NBA Finals MVP | Foster Garvey PC


Welcome back to the spotlight, and happy Father’s Day to all of you who are celebrating (or celebrating) this weekend. If you’re a dad like me, you’re probably tired, but also incredibly proud. There is no doubt that the fathers of the Las Vegas Golden Knights and Denver Nuggets players are especially proud to have won their respective leagues (NHL and NBA) for the first time in their history this past week (…maybe(?) Less proud of celebrating debauchery, but that’s a whole other story). NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) Nikola Joki (Nikola Joki)C. If it wasn’t for Branislav JokiCThe 6-foot-11, 284-pound Serbian superstar, with his fatherly wisdom of avoiding being a rider and focusing on being a basketball player, might not be all that flashy. Of course, there’s no way the NBA world could tell JokiC Except for skin conditions that are usually treated with powders or ointments.

Actually, the people of Denver (and presumably the horses) are grateful for JokiCFrom an afterthought (infamously picked on when ESPN aired a Taco Bell ad) to one of the best players in the world — all the while remaining humble, as his father wanted him to be. As you can hope, some other highlights from the past week:

  • Phil Mickelson’s LIV golf team, the Hyflyers, may be too close to the sun as they face a trademark infringement lawsuit from well-known skate apparel brand Fallen for a confusingly similar logo. The logo in question appears to be a very similar design with the letter “F” upside down — which, by the way, is exactly what Hyflyers’ legal advisors earned in their law school trademark law class.
  • The Beatles’ Paul McCartney announced that artificial intelligence was used to recreate the voice of the late John Lennon for the final Beatles record. Some human intervention was required to correct the recording when the AI ​​model got confused and kept inserting the walrus’ voice.
  • Twitter is hit with a massive copyright infringement lawsuit from a major music publisher. Another lawsuit Elon Musk has to contend with hastened his plans to travel to Mars.
  • Longtime Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak announced he is R_T_R_NG.

Endorsement deals, sponsorships and investments

Potential Olympics sponsorship deal tests LVMH heir Antoine Arnault
June 14, 2023 via Reuters

Andretti, Durant’s SPAC soldiers become most shutters in no-trade
June 14, 2023 through exercise

Twitter hit with $250M lawsuit from music publisher over ‘massive copyright infringement’ claims
June 14, 2023 via The Hollywood Reporter

Derek Jeter invests in Meati Foods
June 12, 2023 Dive through retail

Difficult to break up with celebrities who endorse huge profits
June 11, 2023 via Irish Independent

PGA LIV merger heralds more foreign investment in U.S. sports
June 10, 2023 through exercise

Soccer-Newcastle sign shirt sponsorship deal with Saudi firm
June 10, 2023 by KFGO

USF’s Entrepreneurship Center gets $10M in naming rights from Jacksonville CEO
June 9, 2023 viaBizJournal


LIV Golf, Mickelson’s team sued for logo infringement
June 14, 2023 through exercise

Why Messi’s signing made David Beckham’s Inter Miami a blockbuster brand
June 13, 2023 through the drum

Alabama and Auburn’s bullshit on NIL may scare off recruits
June 13, 2023 via news coverage

NCAA leaders see expanded media rights, gambling as new revenue opportunities for college sports
June 11, 2023 via Forbes

PGA golfers and sponsors now told to love LIV
June 10, 2023 via Crane’s Chicago Business

Washington state president says Pac-12 could reach media rights deal by end of June
June 9, 2023 through athletics

music business

Paul McCartney says artificial intelligence has been used to help write a Beatles ‘last’ song featuring John Lennon’s voice
June 13, 2023 via Market Insider

Selena Gomez deletes Instagram post amid brand controversy
June 12, 2023 via News International

Taylor Swift and the hit singer may get more money from streaming services
June 10, 2023 through the Middle East and North Africa

Genetic paparazzi around the corner, courts not ready for legal quagmire of DNA theft
June 10, 2023 by SFGate

film and television

FIFA avoids Women’s World Cup blackout with major European broadcast deal
June 14, 2023 via Bloomberg

Disney may bid for WWE broadcast rights, but FX not ESPN, according to reports
June 12, 2023 via news coverage

‘Wheel of Fortune’ host Pat Sajak announces retirement next year
June 12, 2023 via NBC News

Adams faces criticism for studio development deal
June 11, 2023 via The New York Times

Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions team up with ESPN for F1 Alt-Casts
June 9, 2023 through exercise

Warner Bros. Animation inks first-look deal with Locksmith Animation; first pictures for ‘Bad Fairy’ and ‘Moon Chronicles’
June 9, 2023 by deadline

emerging movement

Why Nick Kyrgios, Naomi Osaka and Steve Smith Are Investing in a Fictional Football League
June 14, 2023 through the ages


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