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“Life-Altering Journey: UAE Couple Undergoes Heart Surgeries with just 2 Days Apart”

Naveed Ahmed Sheikh and Zarqa Sheikh, UAE residents, recently underwent major heart surgeries within a span of just two days. Unbeknownst to them, both were facing underlying heart issues. Naveed, 62, experienced chest tightness during walks, while his wife Zarqa, 51, battled asthma and episodes of dizziness and breathlessness.

Shocking Diagnoses

Naveed’s echocardiogram revealed severe aortic stenosis, prompting the need for an aortic valve replacement. Concerned for Zarqa, he urged her to undergo the same diagnostic test, leading to the discovery of her mitral valve condition that also required valve replacement.

Swift Recommendations from Burjeel Hospital

Cardiologists at Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi swiftly recommended heart surgeries for both. With procedures scheduled just two days apart, the couple braced themselves for the challenging road ahead.

Sequential Surgeries: Heart Surgeries

Dr. Tarig Elhassan, Head of Department and Cardiac Surgery Specialist at Burjeel Hospital, detailed the sequence of surgeries: first, the aortic valve replacement for Naveed, followed by the mitral valve replacement for Zarqa two days later. Both procedures were successful, and the couple was discharged after a week.

Healing Together

As Naveed and Zarqa recover side by side, their shared experience of diagnosis, surgery, and recovery becomes a testament to their strengthened bond. “Rather than worrying about each other, we were able to heal together,” Naveed remarked, highlighting the unity and resilience their synchronized medical journeys brought to their relationship.

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