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Hima expands Customer Solutions Center with Security Lab


Hima, a leading supplier of intelligent automation solutions for functional safety, has opened a safety laboratory at its customer solution center in Brühl, Germany.

Going forward, Hima will use the lab to develop and test comprehensive OT safety solutions for the digitization of functional safety.

With the digitization of functional safety and the networking of safety device components, the danger posed by cyber-attacks is also increasing.

persistent threat

“The constant threat of cyberattacks to critical infrastructure is pervasive. With the new Security Lab, Hima not only supports our customers, but also makes a relevant contribution to society,” said Managing Partner Steffen Philipp.

In the new security lab, Hima is working closely with IT security specialist genua. The company is a subsidiary of the Bundesdruckerei Group and its technology complies with numerous recommendations of the Namur Users Association.

As part of the collaboration, Hima and genua will use the new security lab to demonstrate data diode applications, a prerequisite for ensuring a highly secure and feasible implementation of the pioneering Namur Open Architecture (NOA).

long term mindset

“It’s really a partnership of equals: both genua and Hima are leaders in their respective fields and, as German technology companies, they share a common long-term philosophy,” affirms CEO Jörg de la Motte.

“We are delighted to further expand our partnership with Hima by collaborating in our new Security Lab. As a trusted partner, we take a holistic approach to all aspects of security. This enables us to deliver accurate What the market needs: a safety solution that meets the highest standards and is tailor-made for companies operating in the process and rail industries,” explains Matthias Ochs, CEO of genua.

To develop and test safety scenarios under realistic conditions, Hima has introduced a “safety environment for functional safety” in the new safety laboratory. Its security architecture uses solutions from partners and IT security experts genua.

Safe place

“The Hima Safety Lab allows visitors to experience our solutions first-hand. The Hima Safety Environment for Functional Safety can be combined with various safety areas. This makes it possible to simulate, optimize and test all scenarios. A A laboratory of opportunity”, says Sergej Arent, Application Director responsible for the Customer Solutions Center in Brühl.

The integration of the Hima Security Lab with the company’s own Customer Solution Center will facilitate the future analysis of automated networks (network HAZOP) of Hima customers. The results will help to formulate measures and development templates for security solutions. To this end, a team of security experts builds complex networks classified according to IEC 62443 and protects them with devices and methods from the genua security product line.

By using different process control systems, it is possible to achieve an architecture very close to the customer’s actual automation environment. Concepts and solutions are thoroughly tested in security labs as part of penetration testing. At the same time, experts use their expertise to ensure that IT/OT solutions are implemented according to the latest standards and comply with the strictest data protection laws.


Arent concludes: “The Safety Lab will allow our customers to build on existing and pre-tested Hima solutions and customize them for specific projects. The hands-on experience gained in training sessions and seminars will help us of customers find answers to increasingly complex security questions.” .

Following the concept in Germany, Hima plans to set up a security laboratory at the Asia Pacific Customer Solutions Center in Singapore. — trade arab news agency


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