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How about entertainment in church? In sanctuary?


Editor’s note: This is an opinion column.

By Brice F. Marsh, member, Trussville Central Baptist Church

Is it appropriate to entertain Christian comedians, bluegrass groups, Southern gospel quartets, etc. within the sanctuary? Even outside of regular worship services?

Bryce F. Marsh

Many faithful churchgoers have yet to resume normal church attendance since the coronavirus pandemic hiatus.

Many newcomers to newly developed neighborhoods and subdivisions have not yet been introduced to new church homes.

Yes, lately more and more of the younger generation has not been to church at all.

Sadly, invitations to visiting groups or announcements of revival are unlikely to attract these people to church.

I think it is very good in the sight of God to have wholesome entertainment such as bluegrass groups, Christian comedians, or Southern Gospel quartets on Sunday afternoons, evenings, or midweek to attract new people to our churches.

Once they come to our fellowship and feel the warmth and love…they are drawn to come back and worship with us on Sundays. Then God and the Holy Spirit can minister to them according to their spiritual needs. Of course, we should demonstrate that our church is our happy place. They themselves may be looking for a new happy place.

And, let’s not forget…the entertainment is entertaining our members too.

Below are some examples of good Christian entertainment currently being arranged by local churches. You might want to plan to attend.

dill pickers

dill pickers

Central Baptist Church – Trussville, Alabama (in Argo)

Sunday, August 27 – 5:30pm

bluegrass band

hilarious comedy

Free Executive – I/59 – Exit 148 – ½ mile S. Hiway 11

For information (205) 655-2351

Yingshe Gospel Concert

Sixth Avenue Baptist Church

Birmingham, Alabama

April 29-30 – 5pm (past examples)

God gives us some guidance on choosing “things” in Philippians 4:8: “Finally, brethren, if there is any praise in truth, in righteousness, in purity, in loveliness, in reputation, in virtue, these You will all miss it.”

Psalm 95:1 “Come, let us sing to the Lord! Let us shout for joy to the Rock of our salvation!”

Genesis 4:20-21 mentions Jubal as the father of all who play stringed instruments and flutes.

Nehemiah 12:27 (regarding the inauguration of the walls of Jerusalem): “They celebrated with drums and lyres and lyres with joy”.

God has a sense of humor and we are created in his image. Let’s have fun in a way that pleases him!


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