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How ‘Abu Dhabi 360’ links physical and mental health

How ‘Abu Dhabi 360’ links physical and mental health

“It may sound unusual, but it can treat your mental health like an athlete,” says Dr. Haseeb Rohilla, an adult mental health specialist. , you need to take care of your body. Your health is precious.”

First, find a way to move your body. Go for a walk or swim, dance to music, play soccer or basketball with friends, or even do some stretching at home. The Abu Dhabi 360 app can provide some other sports or exercise suggestions that fit into your life.

“Exercise is like a triple threat of low mood. In fact, a healthy diet, good sleep, and exercise are all that is needed to relieve mild mood problems,” says Dr. Rohilla, explaining that exercise helps produce endorphins, the Peptides are feel-good chemicals in the brain. It also increases your heart rate, which triggers another chemical called norepinephrine, which helps you cope with stress more effectively. Finally, exercise increases blood flow to the brain.

“All of these combine to elevate your mood and help you deal with the blues in other ways. For example, if you get some exercise and some fresh air, you’ll have more energy and be less irritable.”

The second component of taking care of your body is properly energizing.

“If you’re feeling down, try to resist the temptation to eat comfort foods that are high in sugar, fat, and refined carbohydrates,” Dr. Rohilla says. .”

Instead, he recommends trying snacks with protein and vegetables, like carrot sticks and hummus. For other feel-good recipes, check out the Abu Dhabi 360 app.

The third component of taking care of your body when you’re depressed is getting enough sleep.

“Fatigue can take a serious toll on your mood,” says Dr. Rohilla. “It also makes it harder to tackle challenging things. If you’re really struggling on a given day, make sure you’re consistently getting the full eight hours of sleep that night. Try to avoid looking at screens an hour or two before bed , instead use this time to read, journal or even meditate…you’ll be surprised how much better you feel.”

Finally, if you’re feeling blue, it might be a good idea to reach out to someone you care about.

“You can talk about how you feel, do something you enjoy together, or even just ask them to share a funny story — laughter is really good medicine,” he said.

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