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How Emirates leads the adoption of inflight entertainment

How Emirates leads the adoption of inflight entertainment

Emirates has long been a trendsetter in the industry.

Emirates is known for its luxury and has earned a reputation as a top full-service airline for its dedication to meeting the needs of passengers and providing comfort and style.

As expected, emirates airlines The company has long been a leader in enhancing the passenger inflight entertainment experience and, perhaps more importantly, making it more inclusive and accessible to the wider public.

pioneer of closed captioning

Today, the availability of closed captioning and subtitle technology inflight entertainment The system has become an expected feature and an integral part of any modern in-flight entertainment system.

Simple video of the day

But until 2007, the inflight entertainment systems of all airlines around the world did not have a subtitle option. That changed, however, when UAE-based Emirates launched closed captioning and subtitle technology, enabling the embedding of subtitles in up to 12 languages ​​in addition to the original language.

Singapore Airlines Economy and UAE Economy

Photo: Emirates

In addition to showing the actors’ dialogue in subtitles, closed captions include references to the sound effects used in the film.

The introduction of closed captioning and subtitles in movies means inflight entertainment is more inclusive for passengers who are hard of hearing or deaf. Commenting on the new technology, Emirates Vice President Passenger Communications and Visual Services, Patrick Brannelly said:

“We work hard to make these services accessible to the diverse group of passengers who fly with us. Help develop ‘on-demand’ closed captioning and subtitle technology to give our passengers more control over their entertainment choices.”

Closed captioning of in-flight movies and TV shows has become a preferred feature for many passengers, including those who are hearing.with the noise of the ship airplane, it is often difficult to listen to quieter programs without increasing the maximum volume. As a result, many hearing passengers prefer closed captioning to enhance their inflight entertainment experience while also protecting their hearing.

Audio description of the movie

In another industry first, dubaiIn 2014, Emirates became the first airline to introduce audio descriptions of movies to its inflight entertainment system for customers with visual impairments.

Audio Description is an optional narration that describes what happened on screen, including scene changes, costumes, facial expressions, settings, and body movements. Commenting on the introduction of the audio description, Brannelly said at the time:

“Our focus is not just on the depth and variety of inflight entertainment, but on relevance. It’s important to us that entertainment is available to our diverse customers. It’s important for us to have movies that customers with visual impairments can enjoy. motivation.

“Our greatest satisfaction comes from providing an excellent customer experience, and we hope our continuous innovation will enable this. In the future, we hope to add more content through audio description so that visually impaired passengers can enjoy more content choices and us.”

Emirates First Class Inflight Entertainment System

Photo: Emirates

Every once in a while, audio descriptions are also used by people without visual impairments, allowing individuals to experience video content without actually watching it.

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