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How Pakistanis use memes to traverse challenging landscapes | World News


During Pakistan’s challenging times, with a sluggish economy, civil unrest, natural disasters and terrorism, its citizens are finding solace and resilience in the power of memes. In the digital age, netizens use humor not only to bring laughter, but also to ask critical questions, express dissent, and critically analyze the political landscape.

Pakistan is going through one of the toughest phases. (Reuters file)

Memes have become a powerful means of expressing dissent and criticism of the government or protesting certain issues. Governments find it difficult to censor them because they seem innocent, but they spread quickly because they grab attention and ignite hearts.

“Sarcasm has traditionally been the weapon of the weak against the strong.” – American newspaper columnist Molly Ivins sums it up in plain terms.

Memes as a tool for expressing dissent

This potshot is a good example.It should be noted that cash-strapped Pakistan has recently Federal budget allocates funds to boost defense spending About 16%.

These memes are catalysts for public discourse. They can easily expose hypocrisy, corruption and injustice in an entertaining way.

One of the things that makes memes so popular among netizens is because they catch on to trends so easily, as seen above. It is based on the currently popular theme “Kaam aisa karo ki 4…”

Sensing the new culture, Imran Khan’s Pakistani Justice Movement party launched its own meme account, targeting the opposition directly. However, supporters of the government are not far behind. check it out.

Here’s the meme context: Imran Khan party leader Fawad Chaudhry fled for his life after spotting police outside the court building.watch

Memes Are Mood Lifters

this The Ongoing Crisis of Hurricane Biparjoy It sparked fears of vandalism on the west coast, affecting India’s Gujarat state and Pakistan’s Sindh province. The neighboring country is particularly concerned because it has already endured nature’s wrath in devastating floods in 2022.

Fortunately, the hurricane’s impact was relatively minor thanks to aggressive measures by the authorities. But people also thank memers for lifting their spirits during these trying times.

Memes help reduce anxiety by providing a lighthearted and humorous distraction.

Former minister Fawad also found a place in the aforementioned meme. Another feature of memes is that they are an excellent tool for integrating different industries. Politics and the whirlwind are used here to create laughs.

Yes!Memes Know No Borders

The age-old rivalry between India and Pakistan has even extended into the realm of memes, with both sides unleashing creative firepower to target their neighbors. One of the fiercest battles took place during the India vs Pakistan cricket match.

As players engage in intense cricket matches on the pitch, fans of the sport unleash a barrage of teasing memes to join in on the action. These humorous creations leave no one alone!

The meme, which seems to come from a fan of Pakistani batsman Babar Azam, requires some cricketing expertise to understand. Now that you’re reading our article, we’ve covered it all. Azam is known for his cover drives. This is a batting style where the ball is hit with a straight ball between two fielders on the right side of the field (for right-handed batsmen).

check it out!silently make fun of India loses to Pakistan in 2021 ICC World Cup. But don’t underestimate Indian meme makers, they’ve turned things up a notch. They turned a disillusioned Pakistani fan into a legend immortalized on the internet.


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