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Hunter Biden to stand trial under oath in Arkansas child support case | World News


Hunter Biden made significant progress in his Arkansas child support case as he was questioned under oath on Friday. The mother of his unmarried daughter, Lunden Roberts, testified as her attorney sought to investigate the politician’s finances.

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden speaks with his sister Ashley Biden as they attend daughter Macy Biden’s graduation ceremony at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Monday, May 15, 2023. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky) (AP)

President Joe Biden’s 53-year-old son plans to reduce $20,000 a month in child support payments for their four-year-old daughterNavy Joan Roberts.

According to the “Daily Mail” report, Hunter Biden, accompanied by a convoy of five cars and members of the Secret Service, arrived at the Little Rock office building with a high profile to collect evidence. Shortly after his arrival, Rendon Roberts also entered the building.

Forensics starts at 9:00 am local time and ends at 11:00 am local time

According to the source, Rendon made the “very unusual” decision to be present during the interrogation. By taking part in the testimony, she and her legal team strategically aimed to investigate Hunter Biden’s income.

Roberts’ presence may have been intended to have a psychological impact. “Attending Hunter’s testimony would have been a strategic choice, maybe a brainstorming session,” the source said.

“So why not? For most people, it’s more difficult to tell the truth to someone in front of them.”

During his testimony, Hunter Biden, being questioned for the first time in the case, faced multiple questions about his finances and claims he could no longer afford to pay current child support payments.

The 32-year-old former stripper’s legal team accused Hunter of “living lavishly”, claiming he had failed to provide evidence of his financial situation and seeking contempt of court for alleged fraud.

In a court filing last month, Roberts’ attorney, Clinton Lancaster, wrote, “Mr. Over the hill, with Secret Service protection, enjoying being abroad.” The allegations underscore the ongoing controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s financial transparency.

Roberts’ legal team sought to remove former Trump White House aide Garrett Ziegler as an expert witness in the case. Ziegler, founder of the nonprofit Marco Polo, published a comprehensive analysis of the contents of Hunter’s infamous laptop, which has sparked controversy in the past.

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Although Hunter Biden tried to block Ziegler’s testimony, the judge denied his request, allowing the testimony to continue.

Hunter Biden’s financial documents have been scrutinized throughout the legal process. During a hearing in a Batesville courthouse, Judge Holly Meyer expressed concern about the extensive redaction of documents related to Biden’s finances, noting that “editing capacity has been abused to some extent.”

The judge ordered Hunter’s legal team to resubmit certain financial documents, emphasizing the need for transparency.

The 53-year-old attorney, Abbe Lowell, a prominent Democrat, told the court his client has paid $750,000 in child support to Roberts since recognizing Marine Joan as his daughter.

Navy Joan and Robert. (Image credit: lundentownn_/Instagram)

The eldest son’s financial disclosures and expenses have drawn attention, including his use of a private jet to travel to court hearings, estimated to cost between $55,000 and $117,000.

On the ongoing legal dispute between Hunter Biden and Rendon Roberts

The lawsuit between Hunter Biden and Rendon Roberts began in 2019, when Roberts filed the lawsuit after Biden initially denied the paternity of Marine Joan. Subsequent DNA testing confirmed Roberts’ claims.

Although the parties reached a settlement in 2020, Hunter reopened the case in September of that year, seeking revisions to the support payments. The next court date is scheduled for July 10 to hear oral arguments on Roberts’ motion to sanction and incarcerate Hunter Biden, as well as a request for him to pay $20,000 in legal costs.

In addition, Roberts is trying to legally change her child’s last name to Biden, and her lawyers say the Navy would benefit from having a last name associated with education, success, financial acumen and political power.

President Biden has always denied that the Navy is his grandson, and only mentioned his “six grandchildren” in public. Notably, the other six grandchildren were born within wedlock and were recognized on the White House Christmas stocking, while Navy Roberts was absent from the lineup.

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In addition to the child support case, the eldest son continues to face challenges. Photos from his controversial laptop recently leaked online, containing explicit images including drug paraphernalia and intimate photos. He is also under investigation by the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office for potential tax fraud and false statements on federal gun purchase forms. Hunter and his father are also the subject of a House Oversight Committee investigation into alleged bribery by a Ukrainian gas company.

On the other hand, Hunter’s former business partner, Devin Archer, is reportedly testifying to the committee about the Biden family’s business dealings in the United States. Russia and Ukraine.


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