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Imran Khan’s party banned in Pakistan? | world news

Imran Khan’s party banned in Pakistan? | world news

Pakistani Interior Minister Rana Sanuallah said the Shehbaz Sharif-led government was planning to consult experts to begin declaring Imran Khan’s party Pakistan Justice Movement (PTI) a “banned” group, claiming that police had seized weapons and Molotov cocktails from the former prime minister. Residence in Lahore.

Security personnel escort former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to his appearance at the Lahore High Court on Friday. (AFP)

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When Imran Khan was traveling from Lahore to Islamabad for a court hearing, police arrived at his home. According to Pakistani media reports, when Imran Khan was in Islamabad, more than 10,000 armed Punjabi police entered his compound and arrested dozens of his supporters.

Home Minister Sanuara said: “The terrorists hid in Zaman Park. Weapons, petrol bombs, etc. were found from Imran Khan’s residence, which is enough to prove that PTI is a militant organization.”

“Mainly declaring that either party is outlawed is a judicial process. However, we will be consulting our legal team on this issue,” he added.

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Pakistani Prime Minister Sheikh Baz Sharif said, “If anyone has any doubts, the antics of Pakistan’s Justice Movement chief Imran Nyazi in recent days have exposed his fascist and militant tendencies,” while Mariam Nawaz Sharif Said, “I wonder if he calls himself” a politician. Politicians are not afraid of jail time and accountability. Only thieves and terrorists are afraid. The fear of being arrested shows that the case against him (Imran) is real. “

“He was a coward because he left court without marking his attendance,” she added.

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