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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Israel hosts trade destination seminar in Dubai


Israel’s Ministry of Tourism recently concluded a Trade Destination Seminar in Dubai that brought together over 30 key tourism trade stakeholders in the market to explore Israel’s vibrant tourism offering.

The event concluded with a networking lunch and a lucky draw sponsored by airline partners to travel agents.

In his welcome speech, Liron Zaslansky, Israel’s Consul General in Dubai, emphasized the importance of strengthening relations between Israel and the UAE through tourism. “This symposium is a great opportunity to showcase Israel’s diverse attractions and encourage more Emirati tourists to explore our beautiful country,” said Zaslansky.

The campaign highlights in-depth overviews of top Israeli travel destinations, including the bustling cityscape of Tel Aviv, the sacred landmarks of Jerusalem, the historic charm of Acre, the serene landscapes of Galilee, and awe-inspiring natural wonders from Israel’s tranquil beaches . The Mediterranean Sea to the lowest point on Earth – the Dead Sea.

Larissa Samoilovich, Director of New Market Development, Israel Ministry of Tourism, said: “We are delighted to work with our partners to promote Israel as a tourist destination in the UAE market. We look forward to welcoming Emirati tourists to witness the wonders of our country, like ancient archaeological sites, innovative Tech Hub, we hope this platform is a great opportunity for travel professionals to encourage their clients to discover the beauty of Israel. This year, our focus is on presenting “Israel – Different”.

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism is promoting Israel as a destination for families, independent travelers, religious and leisure travel destinations.

As part of a wider promotional campaign in the region, the Ministry of Tourism will this year launch a special edition of its magazine for the UAE market called ‘Discover Israel’ in English and Arabic. – trade arab news agency


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