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IT leaders call generative AI a ‘game changer’


A new survey of more than 500 senior IT leaders reveals that a majority (67%) will make AI generation a priority for their business within the next 18 months, with a third (33%) making it as a top priority.

Despite interest, most IT leaders have technical and ethical questions about technologies that could influence their adoption in the coming year, according to Salesforce’s new IT-generated AI survey.

These data highlight the potential of generative artificial intelligence and show what IT leaders need to perfect their technology infrastructure, data strategy, security and ethics, and workforce skills needed to meet the enormous opportunities ahead.

step change

“Generative AI represents a major shift in the way organizations across industries analyze data, automate processes and empower sales, service, marketing and commerce professionals to develop customer relationships,” said CEO Clara Shih. Risks and Challenges.” Service Cloud, Salesforce.

A majority of senior IT leaders (57%) see generative AI as a “game changer.” They believe the technology has the potential to help them better serve customers, leverage data and operate more efficiently. This sentiment was echoed even among skeptics — 80% of those who thought the technology was “overhyped” agreed that generative AI would help them serve customers better.

Thirty-three percent of respondents believe that generative AI is “overhyped,” worrying that the technology may pose safety risks (79%) and bias (73%).

Concerns aren’t limited to those who say the technology is “overhyped” — a majority of the 515 IT leaders surveyed are skeptical about the ethical implications of generating artificial intelligence. Nearly six in 10 (59%) believe generative AI output is inaccurate, and nearly two-thirds (63%) agree that generative AI output is biased (such as misinformation and hate speech). Additionally, 71% agree that generative AI will increase their carbon footprint by increasing IT energy use.

not yet ready

Businesses are not yet ready for successful implementation: 65% of senior IT leaders are currently unable to justify implementing generative AI. Leaders surveyed reported major barriers to successful use of generative AI within their organizations, with safety barriers particularly high among those currently using the technology.

Because of these barriers, nearly all respondents (99%) believe their businesses must take steps to equip themselves to successfully leverage the technology.

Ethical use must support the use of generative AI. But despite the ethical and safety concerns being raised, leaders are still unsure how to put ethics into practice – about a third (30%) of businesses believe they must have guidelines for ethical use in order to successfully implement generation in their business AI.


Businesses have a responsibility to work together and share knowledge to make generative AI a reality across the enterprise. Leaders see collaboration as a critical tool to ensure technology works and is used ethically.

• A majority (81%) of senior IT leaders believe generating AI should combine public and private data sources.

• A majority (82%) of senior IT leaders believe businesses should work together to improve the capabilities of generative AI technologies.

• More than eight in 10 (83%) senior IT leaders believe the business must work together to ensure that generative AI is used ethically. — trade arab news agency


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