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Javed Vayid’s PURE Festival: Elevating the Entertainment Industry with Global Success

Have you heard about the incredible success story of the PURE festival? This extraordinary event is checking all the right boxes to become a global brand, organizing festivals in prestigious venues, remote islands, and luxurious resorts.

At the helm of this remarkable venture is Javed Vayid, a 38-year-old entrepreneur who has firmly established himself in the entertainment industry. What started as the grandest music event in Mauritius has now evolved into an international festival, operating in exclusive venues and resorts in the Middle East, with plans for expansion in Europe and Asia.

Javed’s passion for organizing parties and witnessing the joy it brings to people has been the driving force behind his entrepreneurial journey.

He began by organizing parties at a young age, inviting friends and family to enjoy drinks and food at his home: “I enjoyed creating experiences and organizing events so much that I didn’t ask for any contribution. My greatest reward was genuinely seeing the enjoyment from my community and the energy that was created.”

As demand for his events grew, he expanded into organizing commercial events that quickly became sold-out sensations.

PURE festival started in partnership with Sofitel Imperial Resort Mauritius in 2016, with a select community of privileged attendees. By 2020, it was selling out entire resorts, attracting over 5,000 attendees over a single weekend.

Reflecting on his signature festival, Javed elaborates, “What sets PURE festival apart from others is that we don’t solely rely on artists; we prefer to focus on venues and partner with tourism offices to enhance the experience. With the support of global brands and authorities, the festival becomes institutional and gains the label of ‘official,’ making it easier to build trust, create a community, and attract sponsors.”

As a newcomer, Javed Vayid disrupted the industry when he penetrated the dynamic Dubai business market. At Nikki Beach Dubai, he broke attendance records by attracting a whopping 2,000 attendees – an incredible feat for his first event in the UAE!

This event immediately put PURE Festival on the map, leaving people curious about the team behind the scenes capable of drawing such a crowd in Dubai, while other promoters who had been there for years struggled to fill their events.

In fact, the team was only me and my graphic designer. I was alone in Dubai with my bag, doing everything from marketing, choosing suppliers, booking acts, coordinating the event, taking reservations for VIP tables and even fetching artists at the airport. At that point, I was even carrying the artists’ luggage,” recalls Javed Vayid.

The latest edition of PURE festival took place at Mövenpick Resort Al Marjan Island in Ras Al Khaimah.

Despite being a remote destination, the event was a resounding success, with the resort completely sold out, testifying to Javed Vayid proficiency: “I’m attracted to challenges and doing things differently. By bringing a substantial crowd to a remote emirate, we have showcased our capabilities and built our credibility in the market.”

With three more festivals planned for the upcoming season at Mövenpick Resort Al Marjan, Javed Vayid expects to scale up his festival, enabling him to enter other markets such as Saudi Arabia. “The Middle East is the perfect playground before going global,” he says.

Soon launching his series A funding, Javed Vayid envisions expanding the global reach of PURE festival and continuing to collaborate with prestigious venues and resorts. His ultimate ambition is to create unparalleled experiences that leave a lasting impact on people’s lives while contributing to the growth and success of his clients’ businesses.

With PURE festival as his flagship brand, Javed Vayid is giving clients the opportunity to experience festivals in picturesque settings, establishing himself as a trailblazer in the global entertainment scene.

To learn more about his business, you can also connect with him on Linkedin.

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