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Jonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady claims he was emotionally abused


jonah hillex-girlfriend Sarah Brady accused the actor of “suffering emotional abuse” during the course of their relationship.

surfer fell in love with her on weekends instagram stories Shared screenshots of a series of alleged text messages and private messages between her and her you people actor.

“This is a warning to all girls. If your partner talks to you like this, make an exit plan. Call me if you need to be heard,” Brady wrote in a message allegedly from The Hill, asking She deleted surfing photos showing her “ass in a thong.”

The thread was accompanied by more text messages allegedly from the actor, telling Brady that she deleted the posts and that it was a “good start.” The message from Hill went on to say: “You don’t seem to get it. That’s not where I teach you. I’ve made my boundaries clear. You refuse to let go of some of them and you’ve made it clear. I wish you happiness. ”

In another slide, Brady showed another group allegedly from very bad actor, he set “boundaries” for her relationship.

“Look at the misuse of the word border,” she wrote.

“surfing with men”, “having inappropriate friendships with men without boundaries”, “modeling”, “posting pics of myself in bathing suits”, “posting sexual pics”, “with women in unstable situations and women from you The friendship “has been crazy lately, except for lunch, coffee or something polite,” the message read.

In the same alleged thread, the actor continued, “If these things make you happy, I’m not the right partner for you. I stand by it and don’t feel any bad feelings. These are the boundaries of my romantic partnership. “The line between me and you is based on the way these actions have damaged our trust. ”

Brady, who went public with their relationship in 2021, shared another set of messages she allegedly sent to Hill.

“Disgusting how I take responsibility for him,” she wrote on the screenshot.

An image of the message included in the screenshot reads: “Sorry I said that. I’ve had a few beers and I’m just frustrated that we can’t surf social without getting into an uncomfortable situation like this Often it feels like mine I feel like you’re alienating me and then a sense of flaw creeps in. I don’t think I’m socially smart enough to meet your needs as a partner and then I get frustrated and angry with myself and just want Tear up the relationship. If I’m not good enough for you, take the Band-Aid off.”

Brady’s message continued, “In moments of conflict my brain thinks you want to dump me because I’m not good enough for you and you’re the goat and you can do better once you’re over with me relationship, you’ll immediately do better.”

The screenshot also shows Hill reacting to Brady’s response, telling her to “stand up,” and saying, “These people won’t get your time or your kindness at my expense.”

Brady wrote in the conversation, “These people refer to any friends that I do not personally identify with.”

Additionally, the surfer shared screenshots of Hill messaging her directly and reacting to her bikini pics before they started dating. The screenshots also include alleged conversations with Hill referring to relationship counselors they saw. Brady began wrapping up her post by sharing her hopes for her ex.

“I wish my ex had a daughter,” she wrote with a picture of the plant. “Maybe she’ll make him a real feminist, because the fact that he calls himself a feminist now is ridiculous.”

Brady also shared a final note, “Someone being an emotionally abusive partner doesn’t mean they’re a terrible person (often stemming from their own trauma), and it doesn’t mean it’s good.”

Hill has yet to respond to those claims. The actor is currently dating Olivia Millar, He reportedly welcomed his first child with June.

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