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Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer Become Star-Fated Lovers in ‘Fellow Travelers’ Trailer


In the first trailer for Showtime’s highly anticipated new series, two of Hollywood’s most glamorous heartthrobs pose for a photo, “fellow traveler

Adapted from Thomas Mullen’s 2007 film by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Ron Niswana novel“Fellow Traveler” follows a recent college graduate, Tim Laughlin (directed by Jonathan Bailey), and Hawkins Fuller, a State Department official turned war hero (Matt Bomer). The couple’s relationship secretly began during the anti-LGBTQ period”lavender scare” of the 1950s, during which thousands of U.S. government employees fired or forced to resign Because of their sexuality and the HIV/AIDS epidemic that lasted into the 80’s.

Other than Bailey and Bomer, the show – Entertainment Weekly describe As “an epic love story entwined in a political thriller” — also stars allison williams plays the senator’s daughter, Lucy Smith, whom Hawkins has known since she was a teenager.

Showtime released the first trailer for the series on Thursday, which happens to be the first day of LGBTQ Pride Month. Bailey didn’t forget that, and he shared this video on his Instagram account Attached the note: “Happy pride, beautiful people.”

Watch the trailer for “Fellow Travelers” below.

“Fellow Travelers” is a very passionate project for Bailey, who has long expressed a desire to bring a “full-scale gay love story” to the small screen, but worries that actors like him and Bomer will never make it happen The targets—who are both gay in real life—take on the lead roles.

“To me, queerness is also about, as two men, how you negotiate the surrender of your body to another,” said the actor, best known for his work on Netflix’s “Bridgerton,” Tell vanity fair last month. “It’s something I’ve always longed to see done right, because I know how extraordinary it is to experience it.” He continued, “It’s the happiest, most exciting, and most rewarding experience I’ve ever had at work.”

While Bomer has also starred in LGBTQ inclusive projects such as HBO’s “normal heart” and Netflix’sband boy,” he rejoiced at the opportunity to embody a character whose personal and private life has undergone dramatic changes over the course of 35 years.

“It’s really interesting to find out how they express love and intimacy in different ways at different times,” said the cast of Magic Mike Tell Vanity Fair. “It’s like opening a Christmas present, every time I see [Bailey] In a new period, see what he brings to this new chapter of Tim’s life. “

Premiere of “Fellow Travelers” this fall At Showtime.


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