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“Journey: Achieving a World-First Feat in Dubai – The Story of a Pioneering Wakeskater”

Journey In a fusion of innovation and adrenaline, American wakeskating pioneer Brian Grubb has made history with an unprecedented world-first feat. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Dubai’s Address Beach Resort, home to the Guinness World Record-holding infinity pool perched 294 meters above sea level, Grubb executed a daring stunt that seamlessly combined drone wakeskating and BASE jumping.

Setting the Stage: A Record-Breaking Location

Picture this: Grubb, a three-time world wakeskating champion, carving his path atop the sky bridge. Towed by a drone, he navigates a mind-bending 94 meters across the rooftop pool, a feat that alone would quicken the pulse of an ordinary person. Yet, Grubb catapults himself over the pool’s edge, gracefully entering a freefall. The breathtaking 77-story descent becomes a dance with gravity, culminating in a swift landing on the beach below.

The Dream Realized: “WakeBASE” and Seven Years of Planning: Journey

This awe-inspiring stunt, named ‘WakeBASE,’ is not merely record-breaking; it signifies the realization of a seven-year-old dream for Grubb. In an interview with City Times, he reflects on the moment when the idea first sparked and the challenges he overcame to bring his dream to life in Dubai.

“WakeBASE”: A Fusion of Wakeskating and Canopy Sports

Grubb shares the genesis of the idea, stating, “I first started thinking about this idea 10 years ago and thought it would be cool to mix wakeskating and canopy sports.” The catalyst for the project, he emphasizes, was the drone, a technology that did not exist when the concept was conceived seven years ago. The team at Starelation played a crucial role in building and testing the drone to ensure safe and precise execution.

Dedication and Preparation: A Year-Long Commitment

Grubb acknowledges the extensive preparation required for such a daring project. Expressing his year-long commitment to training for WakeBASE, he states, “I knew my wakeskate skills were ready, but I really needed to train behind the drone and in the BASE jumping environment.” Seeking guidance from BASE jumping mentor Miles, Grubb underwent rigorous training to be fully prepared for the unique challenges of the jump.

Global Journey of Preparation: From Idaho to Switzerland

The preparation involved multiple phases, including training in Twin Falls, Idaho, and three trips to Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland. Grubb collaborated with Miles to build his skills gradually, including executing the barrel roll planned for the jump. The picturesque landscapes of Lauterbrunnen provided an ideal setting for sub-terminal environment training, allowing Grubb to progress in his BASE jumping skills.

Inspiration and Future Endeavors

For Grubb, WakeBASE represents a combination of his favorite sports and the integration of new drone pull technology. He hopes the project inspires individuals in both the wake and sky sports communities. Reflecting on the journey, Grubb notes, “We had a crazy idea for the WakeBase that never seemed possible, but we never gave up.” He emphasizes the importance of persistence and steady progress, even when faced with challenges spanning years.

Dubai: The Perfect Setting

The search for the perfect location led Grubb’s team to the Address Beach Resort in Dubai. The pool’s setup, high altitude, and beach landing area made it an ideal spot for the ambitious stunt. Grubb praises the resort’s team for their support, allowing pre-project tests to assess winds and landing areas.

Lifetime Achievement and Future Aspirations: Journey

While acknowledging WakeBASE as a lifetime achievement, Grubb remains forward-focused. He is already contemplating new ideas, particularly exploring the potential of drone pulls in various action sports. Grubb expresses excitement about returning to BASE jump in Switzerland next summer, showcasing his perpetual drive for innovation and adventure.

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