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Business Operations in Dubai Simplified with Unified License

Business Operations Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) has introduced the ‘Dubai Unified Licence’ (DUL), a novel commercial identifier aimed at simplifying various business processes.

Streamlining Business Operations

Applicable to both mainland and free zone businesses, the DUL initiative consolidates economic establishments into a unified digital registry, fostering a streamlined approach to data management.

Collaborative Development with Dubai Free Zones Council: Business Operations

In collaboration with the Dubai Free Zones Council, the DUL initiative seeks to standardize and enhance Dubai’s business processes, aligning them with global best practices and contributing to the emirate’s competitiveness.

Efficiency Boost for Businesses

By simplifying setup and operational procedures, the DUL enhances efficiency, reducing the time required for businesses to establish and manage operations. This efficiency is particularly appealing to international investors and entrepreneurs.

Digital Platform for Transparency

The unified digital platform ensures transparency and easy access to business-related information, reinforcing Dubai’s reputation as a dynamic and trustworthy investment destination.

Strategic Positioning on the Global Stage

The DUL reinforces Dubai’s position on the global economic stage, aligning with the emirate’s ambition to be recognized among the top three global cities for business and investment.

Thorough Validation and Digital Identity

As part of the initiative, businesses undergo thorough validation and screening to receive a unique digital identity. DET has already issued over 50,000 licenses, with plans for more in the coming period.

Praise for Seamless Implementation: Business Operations

DET’s collaboration with the Dubai Free Zones Council has been crucial in ensuring the seamless implementation of the DUL initiative. This partnership exemplifies constructive cooperation for comprehensive business facilitation in Dubai.

Digital Repository and Consent Capability

The DUL features a digital repository and consent capability, enabling instant data sharing between government entities, the private sector, and service providers. It aligns with national AML/CFT strategies, ensuring economic integrity.

Key Features and Benefits

The DUL offers key features such as access to verified data, simplified issuance of permits, and a unified and verified information repository for businesses. It also aims to facilitate banks in opening accounts for Dubai-based companies.

Unique DUL QR Code

Businesses can use their unique DUL QR Code, replacing traditional trade license certificates. This code facilitates easy information retrieval for government entities, service providers, suppliers, and customers.

Oversight and Management: Business Operations

Dubai Business Licence Corporation (DBLC) will oversee the operation, management, development, and supervision of the DUL system. The Dubai Free Zones Council will coordinate with free zones for data collection and updates.

In summary, the introduction of the Dubai Unified Licence marks a significant milestone in advancing digital government services, enhancing the ease of doing business, and reinforcing Dubai’s standing as a global business hub.

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