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“Heroes of Humanity: Medics and Volunteers Behind the Journey of Wounded Gazan Children to the UAE”

When Dr. Salama Al Sahli, a pediatrician, joined the UAE mission to Al Arish, her primary goal was to surround herself with wounded children and alleviate their suffering. However, the 15-hour mission turned into a personal connection with the kids, going beyond medical assistance.

Personal Connections Amidst Wounded Children

Dr. Salama shared her experience, highlighting an encounter with a girl who had burns on her face. By showing the girl her makeup kit, Dr. Salama managed to make her smile. Reflecting on the mission, she expressed how it exceeded her expectations, making her a better physician, mother, and human.

Second Batch Arrives in UAE for Treatment: Journey

On Tuesday, a second group of Palestinian children and their families arrived in the UAE for medical treatment. This is part of the directive from President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to bring 1,000 children and 1,000 cancer patients to the country.

Commitment to Helping Amid Conflict

Dr. Khalid Al Sawwy, an anesthetist who led the group of volunteers to Al Arish, emphasized his commitment to helping Palestinian children amid the ongoing conflict. As the flight returned to the UAE, medical professionals reviewed patient files, discussing the best treatment options for each case.

UAE’s Open Invitation to Medical Volunteers

The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi had issued an open invitation for medical volunteers to join the Gallant Knight 3 mission to support operations in Gaza on November 10. Dr. Mariam Al Nuaimi, a UAE-based physician, expressed newfound appreciation for her life in the UAE after the intense and emotional four-hour flight.

Cabin Crew’s Crucial Role

The cabin crew played a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of the patients during the journey. Despite the challenges, Dr. Viejo Thomas from Pure Heroes expressed confidence in the UAE’s medical community’s ability to handle more incoming patients, emphasizing the fantastic medical team on the mission.

More Flights Planned for Medical Treatment

Authorities have indicated that additional flights carrying Palestinian children and their families will arrive in the UAE for medical treatment, continuing the mission’s humanitarian efforts.

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