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“Green Triumph in UAE: Security Guard Earns iPhone 15 by Recycling 1,600 Plastic Bottles in One Week”

In a commendable display of environmental responsibility, a Nepalese expat working as a security guard in the UAE has earned a brand-new iPhone 15 by recycling nearly 1,600 plastic bottles within a week.

Tech-Enabled Recycling

Dipesh Chamlagain embraced the opportunity when the technology company Renie installed a smart bin at his workplace. Expressing his concern for the environment, Chamlagain stated, “I have never liked how people just throw plastic away without considering how it harms the environment. I started collecting and recycling the bottles, with help from the housekeeping staff.”

Upgraded Rewards: Security Guard

Chamlagain, initially looking to upgrade his iPhone 8, has now obtained the latest model through his eco-friendly efforts. Not stopping at personal gains, the conscientious guard intends to continue recycling bottles on behalf of his colleagues, stating, “They deserve a chance to win too.”

Renie’s Green Impact

Renie has contributed to promoting recycling across the UAE by installing over 1,000 smart bins in various locations, including residential towers, offices, and malls. Sander Van Waes, the founder of the company, explained their approach, saying, “We believe in incentivized recycling. So, each time users recycle a bottle, they receive a raffle ticket via the Renie app. One bottle equals one ticket.”

Sustainable Rewards: Security Guard

While the smart bins have been operational for about six months, Renie gained a surge in users when they introduced raffles earlier this month, featuring prizes such as a PlayStation 5, wireless earbuds, and fitness trackers. Van Waes emphasized, “We are not sponsored by anyone, and the choice of the prizes is based on our budget, user activity, and their preferences.”

Future Green Incentives

The upcoming raffle promises another iPhone 15 as a coveted reward. Bottles deposited in Renie’s smart bins are systematically registered, and once the bins are full, a signal is sent to waste management companies in the area. The collected plastic is then sold to recyclers, contributing to a sustainable cycle of waste management and environmental conservation.

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