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Julia Roberts Reflects on the Passing of Former ‘Friends’ Co-Star Matthew Perry-1

Julia Roberts Shares Thoughts on Ex-Boyfriend Matthew Perry’s Passing

The world continues to grieve the loss of Matthew Perry, renowned as Chandler Bing in ‘Friends’, who passed away on October 28.

Emotional Response

Hollywood icon Julia Roberts opens up about the “heartbreaking” demise of Perry in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Brief Romance: Julia Roberts

Roberts and Perry, once romantically involved, dated for three months around the time of her appearance on ‘Friends’, as revealed in Perry’s memoir.

Sentimental Moments

Perry’s book shares details of their relationship, including romantic gestures like sending three dozen red roses before filming together.

Challenges of Fame

Perry’s memoir cites the difficulties of dating someone as famous as Roberts as a contributing factor to their breakup.

Comfort in Pop Culture

Reflecting on her latest film, ‘Leave the World Behind’, Roberts emphasizes the comforting role of pop culture in our lives.

A Nostalgic Film

In the movie, Roberts shares screen time with Mahershala Ali and Ethan Hawke, and there are several nods to the iconic ‘Friends’.

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