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Juliette Lewis Pens Reflects on ‘Yellow Jackets’ After Season 2


juliette lewis looking back at her time yellow jacket!

The following Stirring finale to Sunday’s shocking death Actress Natalie, 49, made a brief return to social media to celebrate her role on the show.

“I’ve been and will continue to be offline for a while. As I want to focus on ME outside of this business – lots to say and reflect; but here’s a quick note, what I love about my work on @yellowjackets Respect and appreciation is the oil in this creative machine and the encouragement I’ve always needed – I won’t create alone, I will and can continue to create cookware despite the challenges of the industry, tight schedules and pressure
I love you more than anything. Raise me and continue to raise my hair and the MU team, PA, AD and staff,” Lewis wrote in the post.

Lewis’ post included a series of photos from the intense episode titled “Telling a Story,” as well as a BTS photo of her and her teammates.

“I’m so thankful to the show’s Dynamic Duo and creators Ashley and Bart, the entire team at @showtime, for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime (at this soon to be 50 year old 🤪) with some of the greatest, crazy and ultimately creative  First times and life lessons…
Brilliant writing on @Yellowjackets I believe this team really can do and write about anything, the chemistry and talent of this amazing – and growing – cast is something I will forever marvel at. And @soapy.t phenomenon you already know. You all have my heart. ❤️
My team knows sometimes – get what I need before I do. You are family.
Until we meet again. “

Lewis ended her post by sharing her plans to come back and send more love to her grown-up Yellow Jacket ladies.

“More photos and acknowledgments soon to be posted of my core YJ @riccigrams @msmelanielynskey @tawnycypress @simonekessell #LaurenAmbrose and one of the greatest directors of our time, Karen Kusama. 🐝🐝🐝 ❤️🏖JL,” she added road.

Natalie meets her demise at the end of the episode, and at Lottie’s suggestion, the adult Yellowjackets once again offer sacrifices to “it” ( Simon Kessel). After taking issue with Lottie’s original plan to drink the poison, Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) suggest that they go one step further. In the finale, the women recreate the ritual of pulling cards, with Shauna pulling the doomed Queen of Hearts (christina rich), Taissa (Tawny Cypress) and Van (Lauren Ambrose).

They are caught by Callie (Sarah Desjardins) and Lisa (Nicole Maine). During their standoff in the woods, Misty accidentally poisoned Natalie, making her the ultimate victim of the “journey of healing” that first pulled the Queen of Hearts 25 years ago, Lewis says her character when said.

“Natalie is on this journey of self-discovery, which is pretty subversive for that type of personality. So, it’s really interesting,” Lewis added in an interview with ET.

Not only that, but it makes her death all the more tragic considering how much she’s grown in season 2 after first thinking about suicide in the season 1 finale. “It’s funny because she’s playing externally with how to trust and not trust,” Lewis said of Natalie’s ongoing internal struggle over “these traumas she shares with all the other girls in the wilderness.” Links” become more complicated.

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