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Katie Maloney slams Raquel Levis in scandal fallout: ‘You deserve it’


Katie Maloney Entering chat.appearing in give them lala podcastthis Vanderpump rule star blast Rachel Reeves for her business and tom sandoval between him and ariana madix.

Before ‘Scandoval,’ Maloney Says She Was ‘Worried’ Levi’s “But I still want to give her a chance.”

“I really wanted her to believe it, and tried to develop some sort of friendship with her,” Maloney explained to her. Lala Kent“…I feel like she’s been misguided. We have the feeling she’s getting fucking advice from people so we’re trying to keep her under our umbrella. … .In hindsight it was 20/20, but I looked at it and I thought, ‘Katie, you should have told her to stay home.’”

Kent, who wasn’t hanging out with Levis before the scandal, is grateful for that now, saying, “Thank God I didn’t give this guy a chance to breathe my air in front of me.”

Maloney is now poised to do the same.

“I can confidently say f**k you to her because I gave you every chance. I was nice to you when I didn’t have to, but I did,” she said. “The fact that you don’t really step up and appreciate or recognize that, and you just walk by and throw it on top? It’s like, you’re an idiot, I don’t care. I don’t care that it’s going to happen now What. You deserve it.”

Kent agrees, saying, “Absolutely! It’s so crazy to me, when people actually hang around and then have an effect on your behavior, they’re like, ‘But it’s not fair, though! This should’ be” occur! ’ They tried everything they could to make it meaningful, like, ‘You did it! Nobody did that to you, right? So, are we sorry that we got caught, or are we sorry that it happened? Feel sorry? “

As for SandovalBoth women believed his relationship with Madix was problematic long before his affair came to light.

“He’s sucking the life out of her. She’s a shell of a person,” Kent said of her feelings for Maddix during her relationship with Sandoval. “…I was shocked for her, but it was right in front of her.”

Maloney noted that she and her ex-husband, tom schwartzand Sandoval and Madix’s romance, which she never expressed to her friends.

“Who wants to say, ‘Hey, so you know that marriage I just ended because of all these things? I see that in your relationship,'” Maloney said.

Bravo cameras are catching all the relationship drama unfolding, and it’s sure to grab more headlines next week when the Season 10 reunion tape hits. While reuniting for tapings could be a challenge for Levis, Maloney believes she’ll still show up because if she doesn’t, it doesn’t “bode well” for her future on the show.

“It’s in the contract. It’s the button of the thing,” she said. “…I had COVID last year and I still had to call in. I sat there shaking. My body hurt. Like, I had a blanket on my lap.”

While fans will have to wait to see what happens with the reunion, there will be plenty of drama to unfold as season 10 continues on Bravo.

“It’s a treat to watch now!” Maloney said, with Kent joining the March 15 episode, “I think tonight’s episode is what really gets us on this crazy ride.”

Vanderpump rule Airs every Wednesday on Bravo.

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