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Kia EV9 combines bold design with pure SUV character

Kia Corporation has released full images of the exterior and interior design of its first three-row electric flagship SUV, the Kia EV9, which embodies bold styling and refined elegance inside and out.

The Kia EV9 represents a key step in the company’s journey to become a provider of sustainable mobility solutions.

The EV9’s bold and confident visual presentation is inspired by Kia’s “Opposites United” design philosophy, which harnesses the creative tension generated by the different values ​​of nature and modernity to create a harmonious whole.

Quiet SUV

Kia’s designers have fused a unique combination of sleek, sculptural shape and assertive, assertive geometry to create an SUV that is remarkably modern yet elegantly serene.

“The Kia EV9 breaks new ground and aims to redefine the bar in design, connectivity, usability and environmental responsibility,” said Karim Habib, executive vice president and head of Kia’s Global Design Center.

“The Kia EV9 offers customers a very high-quality proposition and a new EV perspective in the family SUV segment. This new vehicle typology, through innovative use of space, technology, offers not only the driver but all occupants Instinctive experience with great comfort and design.”

Exterior Design Breaks New Paths

Guided by the brand’s “Opposites United” design philosophy, Kia’s designers worked hard to create vehicles with unprecedented visual appeal. In particular, the pillar of the “Bold for Nature” philosophy, which inspires the combination of elements from the natural and material worlds, plays a key role in the EV9’s exterior design. The result is a vehicle that effortlessly combines the all-conditions rugged presence with the serenity of a refined EV, paving the way for future electric SUV designs.

The EV9’s front face is marked by clean, clean lines and body surfaces, while exuding confidence, clarity and poise. The EV9’s signature “digital tiger face” is complemented by a “digital pattern lighting grille” and striking vertical headlights, giving it a visionary and futuristic look and feel.

Inside the body of the Digital Tiger Face are two sets of small cube lights, adjacent to each headlight. The EV9’s innovative “Star Map LED Daytime Running Light (DRL)” creates a new lighting experience and offers a sophisticated animated lighting pattern, which will represent the digital tiger face of the Kia brand’s future EV models.

The EV9’s side profile adopts a polygonal design language that effortlessly combines a powerful and undisputed SUV identity with exceptional aerodynamic efficiency. Dynamic triangular fender structures and highly striking geometric wheel arches combine with the fuselage to unify the polygonal elements into a cohesive structure that presents a resolute appearance. Flush door handles and a tapered rear roofline give it a smooth and efficient sense of movement.

At the rear of the vehicle, the lines of the tailgate are simple and neat, and the slender taillights complement the design of the front rear, showing the resolute and confident attitude of EV9.

interior design new social space

The “Technology for Life” pillar of Kia’s “Opposites United” design philosophy ensures that only technologies and innovations that facilitate positive, intuitive interactions between humans and machines are created – enabling new possibilities for mobility. These values ​​have played a pivotal role in the creation of the EV9’s interior. They allow Kia’s designers to reimagine what a family SUV can do, prioritizing space, comfort and technology for all occupants.

Based on Kia’s Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), the EV9’s long wheelbase, low waistline and fully flat EV architecture help create generous headroom for all occupants, allowing all passengers to travel in all three rows Enjoy lounge-style comfort. seats. Available in six- and seven-seat models, Kia gathers feedback from families to evaluate seating configurations and features to ensure the EV9 provides equal space, comfort and experience to all occupants without having to focus all of its attention on the driver.

While the EV9 is charging, occupants sitting in the first and second row seats can simultaneously recline to relax and rest. The second-row seats can be effortlessly rotated 180 degrees so passengers can interact with third-row passengers. The third-row seats also offer cup holders and charging points for mobile devices.

Inside the spacious, bright and airy cabin, the EV9 embodies elegant simplicity, high-quality and very user-friendly design. The open floating panoramic dashboard stretches from the steering wheel to the center of the vehicle. Two 12.3-inch touchscreens integrated with a 5-inch segment display enhance the digital experience, providing easy control of vehicle functions and ensuring physical buttons are kept to a minimum.

The center console features ample storage space, including a spacious compartment at its base. The center console doors have been further designed to add to the overall sophistication of the interior space.

The EV9’s Extended Display HD Audio Visual, Navigation and Telematics (AVNT) screen creates a rich and immersive experience. It empowers occupants to seamlessly interact with the digital world. Below the AVNT screen, a series of hidden touch buttons provide start/stop functions as well as AVNT and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) controls.

upcoming world premiere

The Kia EV9 will make its global digital debut in late March. During the event, Kia will disclose all product information and launch a global campaign with the slogan “Here to reshape the way we move”. —— trade arab news agency

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