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Kim Kardashian just delivered another devastating insult to Kourtney’s sister


kim kardashian Just can’t stop roasting her sister Courtney.

On the latest season of Hulu’s “The Kardashians” reality show, Kourtney was furious over Kim’s decision to team up with Dolce & Gabbana, the fashion house that set Kourtney’s 2022 stint with musician Travis Barker (Travis Barker)’s wedding did all the styling. Kourtney accused Kim of taking inspiration from her wedding for her upcoming D&G collection, claiming that Kim had a miserable time at her wedding last year.

“I was like, ‘Oh, you’re there, you’re upset,'” Courtney told her sister kendall jenner In episode 4 of this season. “Everyone said something to me, all my friends. They all said, ‘She’s like spiraling.'”

Kim chats with her sister in episode 5 Kohler about this drama – and Founder of “Lemme”.

“I heard her friends pissed her off,” Khloe said of Courtney. “Her words were, ‘everyone Think it’s the weirdest thing ever. “

“She said ‘every one of her friends,’ but she didn’t have any friends,” Kim replied. “So, Travis?”

Khloe didn’t comment on the shady comment, but her eyes widened and she looked away, trying to hide a smile.

Jin You made headlines for throwing a dagger On Courtney in previous seasons of the show.

In 2018, Kim lashed out at her sister and her behavior during a family disagreement over a Christmas card shoot.

“I need Courtney to stop being so annoying about someone cutting in line on her ass like she’s managing this shit because she doesn’t,” Kim said at the time. “She looked the least exciting.”

Two years later, Courtney and Kim into a violent physical altercation On the show, this led to a one-week pause in production.


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