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Maren Morris apologizes for country music’s lack of inclusivity

Maren Morris apologizes for country music’s lack of inclusivity

Maren Morris keep talking country music The industry’s issues with homophobia, transphobia, and the overall lack of inclusion or openness to the LGBTQ+ community, as well as other issues such as racism and sexism.

Now, on behalf of the industry, she’s apologizing for country music’s historically poor relationship with the queer community.

morris appeared in RuPaul’s Gearbox: Stand OutTalk openly with the contestants.

She told Drag Queen, “In terms of country music and its relationship to LGBTQ+ members, I just want to say sorry.” The contestants were clearly moved by her emotion.

The 32-year-old went on to thank everyone for their support, saying: “And I love you Guys make me feel like the brave voice of country music.So I just Thank you Guys are very encouraging to me. “

Some contestants thanked her for her comments, and when Morris finished her statement, she said, “I’m going to cry, I have to go.”

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