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Math + Hip-Hop = Quality Entertainment


what is this about “The Best in the World” tells the story of Prem Patel (Manny Magnus), a 12-year-old New Jersey middle school student with a special talent for mathematics, who lives with his mother, Priya (Prinan). Patel) and wished he had more time to spend with his late father Suresh (Utkarsh Ambudkar).

That began to change when Prem learned that his father had great hip-hop talent and used to perform regularly in New York City. Suresh’s rhyming book opened up his world even further, and he brought it down from his sad place in a memory-filled shoebox on top of his mom’s shelf.

Suddenly, Dad reappears in Prem’s imagination and helps his son unlock his own rather high MC skills.

The Disney+ film is directed by Roshan Sethi and co-written by Ambudkar (“Ghosts”), whose credits also include longtime hip-hop improv group Freestyle Love Supreme co-founded by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

My opinion It’s a sweet movie about a good kid who becomes less alone when he finally learns the truth about his father.

At times, the way it plays out is like a middle school version of hip-hop High School Musical, with a massive act in the cafeteria and our hero walks up to a bully and says, “Shaggy face fool, you better face the truth Well. You took seventh grade twice because you lacked something.”

If that’s all “World’s Best” has to offer, then that’s good enough. These musicals have a no-nonsense old-school style and catchy beats. When it comes to spinning rhythms, Magnus is a real find. He keeps pace with seasoned professional Ambudkar, while Sethi creatively evokes a vintage aesthetic while rooting the imagery in the present.

Still, the film touches on something deeper, how it finds a thread between equations and the mathematical nature of beat and rhythm, while applying the lessons learned in each process to life experiences that don’t easily fit the formula .

There’s no easy, logical explanation for why Prem’s father left him and his mother because of cancer. Algebra can’t tell you why grief feels the way it does. Streaming the world’s greatest hip-hop doesn’t make it easier to recover from trauma like this.

“World’s Best” expresses this deep sadness in an accessible and authentic form. It demonstrates the power of memory and imagination in helping to push back the abyss. It truly speaks to how all of these experiences help shape us, and our parents’ legacy both made us and set us on our own paths.

It manages to do it all while incorporating at least one referenced rap Fibonacci sequenceand an appearance by ventriloquist legend Doug E. Fresh.

the bottom line The musical sequences are great, but “World’s Best” is much more than that.


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