Blaise Carroz and IDONEUS Bringing A Secure, Digital, Value Exchange


Blaise Carroz and IDONEUS Bringing A Secure, Digital, Value Exchange

Blaise Carroz is the Vice President, Global Acquisitions at IDONOUS. He has 25+ years of exceptional market knowledge as an international real estate property developer having experience in the luxury asset industry. His first project, Aquaparc (an indoor waterpark in Switzerland), helped him move forward with his passion. He has incredible recognition and expertise in the field.

Through IDONEUS, Blaise and his team, the CEOs, and Co-founders of the company aim to make it a leading digital economy platform and help people get a seamless way of buying, selling, trading, and exchanging assets, goods and services.

Furthermore, they also have a token named IDON. It’s a cryptocurrency used to purchase million/deca-million dollars worth of goods, luxury assets, and services at once on the IDONEUS platform. People can also use it for trading with individuals or companies who accept the same.

They want to reinvent the value and how people access global luxury assets, goods, and services. Let’s hear more about it from our interview with Blaise Carroz below.

Explain the background of you and the company in detail.

I have a long and successful career, spanning over 20 years, in both High-end Real Estate and Luxury Asset Trading, as well as a Masters’s Degree in Economics and Political Science. Currently, I am the Vice President, Global Acquisitions at IDONEUS.

IDONEUS is a digital economy platform with an excellent portfolio of luxury assets, goods, and services. I started this company with my partners, leading industry professionals, to transition into an entire global industry based on Blockchain. We offer a unique way of trading (buying or selling) or renting luxury assets.

We have the expertise of facilitating global luxury trade/barter on our clients’ behalf, navigating technical and regulatory challenges in wealth management, international finance, and fintech.

Blaise-carroz , What are your goals?

To be THE cryptocurrency and digital platform for trading luxury assets worldwide. A safe haven for owners and investors, allowing them to move assets worldwide to balance their portfolio, allowing them to switch asset classes, categories, and locations.

What do you feel is the biggest strength of yourself/company right now?

During global inflationary pressures and concerns about the pandemic, interest in and demand for our products and services has been as strong as ever and growing.

Our strength is being at the forefront of value trading and fully compliant with regulation. As such, we focus on the verification of identity for both clients, partners, and assets to protect them and their wealth.

We also make it easier to use assets as a means of value transfer, with the IDON as a means of reducing friction and removing value leakage, especially in the global economy facing the devaluation of many fiat currencies.

What was the path you/your company took to get to where you are today? 

We are a group of leading industry professionals representing over a century of combined experience in international luxury asset trading, international banking & wealth management, strategic planning, as well as fintech, blockchain, tokenization, and cryptocurrency.

Through our combined skills and experience, and a culture of innovation, we recognized that technology advancements now enable asset exchanges of all kinds (fiat, tokens, and physical assets) to be facilitated much more swiftly, transparently, and securely.

We decided to transition an entire global barter industry established decades ago onto the blockchain.

Idoneus is a global, luxury, online marketplace for assets, goods, and services. Combined with a native cryptocurrency, the IDON, we are truly game-changing.

Blaise Carroz , Why did you start (or want to be the head of) this company?

Me, along with Jarrett Preston, the Idoneus CEO, Joe Wilson, the President of Idoneus, other founders were navigating for years into the luxury assets trading business. It was a challenging and exhausting business where we had to manage the owners’ perception of the value of others’ assets.

The creation of the blockchain did change the whole game and allowed us to create the IDON token – the missing link. We’re purchasing worldwide luxury desirable assets in IDON.

The sellers can then purchase assets, goods, and services listed in our portfolio, and they’re selling at the right price of their assets without losing. Furthermore, they are free to move geographically or to move assets categories. That’s the magic of it and probably the best solution to sell an asset, challenging to sell without dramatically losing in value.

This opportunity to transform a whole industry and work with committed, like-minded people is what lets me get out of bed each morning and excited for each day.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome?

The biggest challenge was probably the global pandemic in 2020. We started the year looking to launch our platform, establish IDON as a credible cryptocurrency for the secure exchange of value, and grow our portfolio and ecosystem. Who could have foreseen the global shock, both in tragic human terms and economic meltdown, arising from the COVID Pandemic?

Blaise Carroz ,The measure of an organization is how it responds to adversity, and many businesses went into retreat. In Idoneus, we recognized the vital role that high-value assets can play in managing risk and securing value in uncertain economic conditions and the acceleration of the role of digital business models in the global economy.

That’s why we refused to retreat and chose to run towards the opportunity. We launched the platform and the IDON successfully – not only achieving fantastic results but laying the foundation for 2021.

Give us one word that describes you the best.


Blaise Carroz , What makes you excited about Mondays?

Mondays are always a new beginning. Starting to fill with accomplishments, the white page of a brand-new promising week.

What do you value most about your culture and vision?

As an individual, I value being a citizen of the world able to adjust to every culture and mentality. As a company, the values of trust integrity are extremely important.

Tell us about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative.

Introducing the IDON token to the UAE was a huge but highly rewarding challenge, requiring innovation and creativity. However, it’s a funny thing; the UAE is a unique place where people understand the value and the integrity and trust required to deliver and embrace value.

A significant amount of networking and exploring opportunities was required, finding innovative answers to wealth management and creation problems.

What are your company’s strategies, and how do they stand unique from your competitors?

We are not focused on strategies that artificially “pump” cryptocurrencies on exchanges or only being a “maximalist” for one route to value.

We differentiate ourselves by a relentless focus on value. Our cryptocurrency, the IDON, is a payment token that enables access to a wide range of opportunities to secure and transfer value easily across the globe through assets. We don’t compete against bitcoin or ether but embrace them as another route to value for hard assets, combined with our own models and value-focused opportunities.

We also share the values and the experience demonstrated by UHNWIs and Family Offices; we understand risk and value and the need to be flexible and responsive.

What are the key values that helped you overcome the roadblocks/challenges in your career? Tell us something about your memorable incident in your leadership?

My values are integrity, respect, tenacity. They have helped me through the successes and the challenges of my life and career.

How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

We spent our last few years building the business, creating our platform, onboarding clients, and increasing our portfolio of assets and services.

We are excited for the next 2 years, as it is the moment that we expect to see even further growth:

  • Our portfolio of available assets (Signature Real Estate, Yachts, Fine Art, Precious Gemstone) is set to grow significantly into a multi-billion dollar portfolio.
  • We will be adding new assets classes – watch out for the addition of other high-value classes such as hypercars, gold, and other valuable commodities to increase the diversity of routes to value.
  • Having made significant strides forward in providing services such as lifestyle, health & beauty, we will be expanding our service portfolio into other high-value luxury lines.

What services/solutions or products are offered by your company at par with the current industry standards? Tell us something about your upcoming products or services?

Our business model has proven to be strong during the pandemic, and we expect it to be even stronger as the world emerges into this “new normal.” Our strategy will be founded on:

  • A relentless focus on value and liquidity for our clients and partners
  • Ease of access for people with significant wealth, to take advantage of unique opportunities
  • Security and protection of people’s identity and the quality and origin of our assets and services
  • A fast and seamless digital experience to make deals happen without friction

In terms of the development of Products and Services, the most exciting is the launch of our Private Portfolio and Personal Portfolio Service:

Private Portfolio – a private vault where rare assets such as old masters paintings and rare gems can be viewed and purchased.

Personal Portfolio, where we assist holders of significant wealth in searching for opportunities tailored to their needs.

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