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A Visionary Approach To Business Consultancy With MSZ Consultancy – Mohammed Zubair

Meet Mohammed Zubair, the visionary Managing Director of MSZ Consultancy. With a profound commitment to excellence and a passion for fostering successful businesses, Mohammed embarked on a journey to redefine the corporate services landscape. Leveraging his entrepreneurial spirit, he established MSZ Corporate Services with a mission to provide top-notch solutions at affordable rates. Recognizing the gaps within the industry, he set out to bridge the divide between unaffordable top-tier consulting firms and underspecialized smaller entities.

Through strategic guidance, client-centric approaches, and an unwavering dedication to integrity, Mohammed has propelled MSZ to the forefront of the business consultancy realm in the UAE. As the company celebrates its sixth year, the future shines bright, reflecting Mohammed’s unwavering commitment to growth, innovation, and client satisfaction.

What inspired you to start your company or become an industry leader?

Mohammed Zubair

One of the key reasons I started MSZ Corporate Services is to provide quality services at affordable prices. I see a significant gap; the top 10 consulting firms are not affordable for SMEs, and then you have low-quality small firms that lack specialization. At MSZ, we provide quality advisory services within a budget. My inspiration for starting my own business is my entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, there are successful individuals whom I have admired throughout my lifetime. I am motivated by the notion that each day is a new opportunity, especially when you’re building a business. As we celebrate our 6th year, the future appears very promising.

What are the biggest disruptors shaping your industry today?

According to me there are quite a few challenges the industry is going through. The most common one is the ease

While the UAE is home to a massive number of corporate business consultancy firms, not every company comprehends the diverse intricacies involved in the process, thereby slowing down the business incorporation process. MSZ Corporate Services is one company that has successfully navigated all the local regulatory compliances and caters to clients’ every requirement.

Based in Dubai, MSZ was founded in 2013 by Mohammed Sultan Zubair (Managing Director) with a vision to assist entrepreneurs and organizations in setting up their business operations in the UAE. Today, the company has grown into one of the most sought-after business consultancy firms in the region to partner with for establishing a new business or opening a new branch.

Organizations and service providers in our sector are swiftly transitioning from using outdated traditional technology to high-performance digital applications, powered by automation and AI.

Linking to government systems and e-registries through APIs is becoming more commonplace, yet they often encounter issues in the process.

What is the mission and vision of your company? How do you ensure that these principles are embedded throughout your organization?

Mohammed Zubair

My vision is to be an honest, empathetic, and impactful project leader, recognized internationally within my industry. I am dedicated to my growth as a leader and to delivering value-added projects to end users. My mission is to create and lead a dream team where everyone operates to their strengths.

From being a one-person team during inception, MSZ has now evolved into an 18-member team comprising business consultants, company secretaries, and MBS graduates. Each team member possesses extensive domain knowledge and industry experience. The company’s growth since its inception has been exponential, leading to diversification into two distinct verticals: MSZ HR Consultancy and MSZ e-Commerce. These divisions cater to their respective areas of operations.

What was a pivotal decision or risk you took that impacted your career or company?

I used to work for a consulting firm where I was an exceptional team player. I received numerous awards and recognitions during my employment. The training I received was instrumental in helping me understand business ethics and ultimately led me to the decision to start my own venture.

How do you differentiate your company from competitors in the market? What unique value proposition do you offer to your customers?

As a client-centric organization, MSZ follows a ‘no-compromise’ approach in each of its services and is always ready to go that extra mile to ensure 100 percent client satisfaction. The company primarily operates around the core values of honesty, integrity, a constant focus on safety and quality, respect for all stakeholders, a cooperative team environment, and professional and technical excellence. This enables MSZ to maintain long-term relationships with its clients.

Additionally, MSZ utilizes the latest technologies to ensure the quality and timely delivery of all its services. The company also maintains complete transparency with its clients, providing real-time updates about the progress of projects. MSZ follows a step-by-step approach when dealing with client business. It begins by meeting the clients, identifying their needs and requirements, proposing a suitable action plan, negotiating the necessary aspects, and then finalizing the deal. This ensures that the client is supported throughout the process.

Every lead generated through its online campaigns is assigned to an expert consultant who understands the client’s requirements and responds to queries within 30 seconds, setting a benchmark for response time in the industry.

What is your approach to sustainability and corporate social responsibility?

We at MSZ have very clear ways through which a company can embrace CSR. These include being environmentally friendly and eco-conscious, promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace, treating employees with respect, giving back to the community, and ensuring that business decisions are ethical.

How do you navigate international markets and cultural differences?

Diversity is our strength; we cater to people from all walks of life. We set up or assist clients who come from different parts of the globe. Business has one universal language: honesty, integrity, and respect. We thoroughly enjoy working with international clients who come to the UAE to set up their businesses.

What excites you about the future of your industry?

Corporate services are always in demand, especially in the UAE, which serves as the financial hub for the Middle East. This allure attracts foreign companies and individuals to establish their businesses in the UAE due to its world-class infrastructure and excellent connectivity through air, sea, and road. The government is making substantial investments in technology to ensure robust support for the business community. The ultimate aim of the UAE is to excel and become a leader in the ease of doing business index.

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