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Customizing Travel Experience With Fursan Travel Group: Sudheesh Kumar

In this exclusive interview, we spoke with Sudheesh Kumar, CFO at Fursan Travel Group. With an expertise of 19 long years in the industry, Sudheesh has developed into a seasoned finance professional, offering strategic financial leadership and guidance.

Explore the concept behind Fursan Travel Group, the company’s long-term goals, and how Sudheesh embarked on his career journey. Uncover invaluable insights on navigating market risks, adapting to emerging trends, and acquiring essential skills to survive in this industry.

Join us as we delve deeper into the world of Fursan Travel Group and gain an in-depth understanding of how Sudheesh Kumar’s dedication and commitment are leading the company forward and reshaping the industry.

Please briefly summarize your career journey, including key milestones and transitions.

Significant milestones and transitions have marked my career journey. I have worked on many critical strategic projects & changes throughout my career. What’s crucial for me is to get very clear on the goals right at the beginning and then create a plan with milestones. I also like dealing with the most challenging parts of the projects early on—that way, if there are any significant issues, I’ll still have a nice amount of time to complete before the deadline.

I also typically break down large tasks into smaller chunks to make it easier to know where to start. Detailed planning is essential to ensure a vital project goes smoothly. I began in the industry as a Junior Accountant. I progressed by Sr. Accountant, Executive Finance, Assistant Manager, Manager, Sr. Manager, Associate Director, and now CFO during my 19 years of solid journey.

How do you tackle challenges in your field amidst changing market dynamics and technological advancements?

Adapting to changing market dynamics and technological advancements is a core part of my strategy. I prioritize staying updated by [mention strategies like continuous learning or R&D. Challenges are viewed as opportunities for growth, and we address them through innovation and agile practices. In today’s fast-paced environment, it can be overwhelming to determine which areas warrant development to achieve substantial growth in 2023 and beyond.

Therefore, it is crucial to take a moment and reflect on the key challenges that are likely to face in the future to ensure preparedness and success. Understanding these challenges will enable us to address them and propel our techno-functional efforts forward proactively.

How do you ensure your company remains adaptable to emerging trends and technologies?

We foster a culture of innovation and experimentation to ensure our company remains adaptable. We actively seek and invest in emerging technologies and trends and encourage our team to focus on Horizon Scanning, Hire the Right People, Network with Other Industry Leaders, Build a Scalable Ecosystem, and Foster an Innovative Culture. This approach has kept us ahead of the curve. We have a culture that embraces change and encourages innovation. It means being open to new ideas, taking risks, and constantly learning and improving.

What are your plans or goals for your career and company?

My long-term goals involve growing with a company where I can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities, and contribute as much value as possible. I love that my company emphasizes professional development opportunities. I intend to take advantage of all of these.

What valuable lessons have you learned throughout your career?

Depth matters more than width. Several things come to mind as valuable lessons as I reflect on my career so far – finding a team and company with the right culture fit, working hard, and being results-oriented. But what’s worked for me is consistently focusing on solving the business’s most significant pain points rather than the most exciting problems. These lessons have shaped my approach and decision-making.

How do you differentiate your services from competitors in the current market?

Every business is trying to be better than its competitors. Regrettably, only some are trying to be different. So many companies talk about being “the best of the best,” yet very few pull it off. That’s because copycat companies either don’t know how to raise themselves to a higher service level or can’t do it. We differentiate our services by providing an excellent product service at a competitive price backed by value-added customer experience and offering technological solutions that meet our customers’ needs—having an innovative company culture—both in the technology we provide and how we handle our business. This gives us a distinct edge.

How has your company effectively navigated and capitalized on emerging global market trends or shifts in consumer behavior?

The digital age has ushered in a new era of consumer behavior, transforming how people interact with businesses and make purchasing decisions. With the rapid advancement of technology and the widespread adoption of digital platforms, most companies face unique challenges and opportunities. We’ve successfully navigated global market trends through diversification, individual identity, product positioning, market research, and international partnerships. By staying attuned to shifts in consumer behavior, we’ve been able to sustain our position in the market.

What are the most essential qualities or skills you believe beginners should cultivate to thrive in this industry?

Workplaces worldwide are evolving quickly to meet rising employee expectations and cultural shifts that value well-being and retention as much as productivity. Beginners should cultivate curiosity, adaptability, resilience, digital literacy, and Confidence. These attributes are fundamental to thriving in our industry, known for dynamism.

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