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Spotlight on Leadership: A Conversation with Vishal V Menon of RKĀN HOLDINGS LIMITED

In the dynamic world of business, where adaptability and foresight are paramount, few leaders embody these qualities as effectively as Vishal V Menon. As a Member of the Board of Directors at RKĀN HOLDINGS LIMITED, Menon’s journey from a graduate of Munster IT to an investigator from UOI Academy, and subsequently leading the company’s transformative evolution, is nothing short of inspiring. Over the past decade, he has been instrumental in steering the company’s businesses towards growth, adeptly managing stakeholder expectations, and providing decisive direction.

In this exclusive interview, Menon delves into the ethos of RKĀN HOLDINGS LIMITED, the company’s embrace of digitalization, and its commitment to innovation and security. He also sheds light on the importance of workforce diversity and the role it plays in realizing a business’s true potential. Menon’s insights offer a compelling glimpse into the mind of a leader who champions integrity, positivity, perseverance, and an unyielding passion for learning.

Join us as we explore the vision, challenges, and aspirations that define one of the industry’s most conscientious and enigmatic leaders.

What’s the idea behind Your Company?

I’d be delighted to share the idea behind my company. At its core, my motivation for launching this venture was a strong desire to extend a sense of freedom to both myself and others. I believe the world is full of untapped creative potential, and I wanted to provide a platform to turn that potential into innovative business opportunities.

The concept centers on creating an environment where individuals can bring their unique ideas to the forefront. I’ve always championed creativity and innovation, and I sought to establish a space where these traits are celebrated and nurtured. It’s about moving away from conventional norms and delving into the uncharted territories of business, embracing its exciting challenges.


My company aspires to be a springboard for entrepreneurs, creators, and thinkers eager to venture beyond traditional business models. By fostering a mindset of experimentation and calculated risk-taking, we aim to pave new avenues for growth and success.

In essence, my company aims to be a catalyst for change, a means for individuals to turn their visions into tangible business endeavors. It’s about pushing boundaries, embracing change, and shaping a future that’s not just economically rewarding but also creatively fulfilling. I see my company as a conduit for innovation, enabling both myself and others to embark on entrepreneurial journeys filled with freedom, creativity, and boundless potential.

How did you begin your career journey? Do you have some advice for beginners?

Vishal V Menon

I began my career as a Field Engineer at Dubai Autodrome. This role immersed me in a dynamic, hands-on environment where I quickly learned the intricacies of the field. Over 11 months, I garnered invaluable experience and developed a deep understanding of the industry. However, it was during this period that my passion for entrepreneurship grew, and I felt a compelling urge to create something of my own.

Motivated by this realization, I took a leap of faith into the business world. I was steadfast in my vision and resolute in my ambition to forge my entrepreneurial path. While the transition presented its challenges, the skills and insights I acquired as a Field Engineer equipped me to tackle the intricacies of business ownership.

When it comes to advice for beginners, I’ve realized that while conventional wisdom has its merits, newcomers often bring a fresh perspective and an ability to think unconventionally. While gleaning insights from seasoned professionals is crucial, beginners should also trust their innate ability to explore novel solutions. My advice? Stay curious, be receptive to new ideas, and trust your instincts. Remember, the journey is as significant as the destination. Embrace challenges, learn from setbacks, and continually adapt. You possess the potential to carve out your unique path and bring innovative viewpoints to your field. So, while guidance is valuable, always believe in your capacity to navigate challenges and make a lasting impact.

What’s the goal of Your Company?

The primary objective of our company is to deliver meaningful value to society through our specialized security and protective services, including asset protection. Our overarching mission is to bolster the safety and well-being of individuals, businesses, and communities. Recognizing that security is a cornerstone for progress and prosperity, we offer bespoke security solutions tailored to our clients’ distinct needs.

By offering our specialized services, we aim to cultivate a safer environment for both tangible and intangible assets. Whether safeguarding physical properties, confidential data, or vital infrastructure, our dedicated team is unwavering in its commitment to excellence. Aware of the ever-evolving nature of threats, we strive to remain at the cutting edge of innovation and strategy, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled security solutions.

At its core, our company’s vision is intertwined with societal betterment. We endeavor to instill trust, heighten security awareness, and provide peace of mind for our clients. In doing so, we believe we not only facilitate their success but also fortify the broader communities we serve.

Beyond our security services, we place immense emphasis on nurturing our employees to be tomorrow’s leaders. We are convinced that our success is inextricably linked to the growth and development of our team. Our company is committed to creating an environment that spurs employees to reach their zenith.

Through comprehensive training, mentorship, and professional development, we aim to arm our employees with the requisite skills and leadership acumen to flourish both within our organization and in the wider professional arena. We regard our team as the linchpin of our success and are resolute in our commitment to their advancement.

By fostering our employees’ leadership potential, we not only elevate their individual career paths but also amplify our company’s collective prowess. As these team members ascend to leadership roles, they will be instrumental in steering our organization to new heights.

In summary, our dedication to cultivating the leaders of tomorrow mirrors our commitment to both personal growth and the enduring success of our company. By championing our team members, we set in motion a virtuous cycle of improvement that benefits our organization and the broader community we serve.

How important are employees’ energy levels to the success of Your Company?

The energy and enthusiasm of our employees are pivotal to our company’s success. It’s their collective dedication, passion, and determination that propel our company forward. Without their sustained energy, navigating the challenges of today’s competitive business landscape would be insurmountable.

Our employees are truly the backbone of our organization. Their unwavering commitment, hard work, and loyalty are directly reflected in our accomplishments. When they bring their best selves to work, it not only amplifies their individual performance but also cultivates a vibrant and motivating environment for all. This positive energy cascades throughout the organization, fostering enhanced collaboration, sparking creativity, and driving success.


We understand that sustaining high energy levels encompasses more than just physical well-being; it’s also about creating a work environment that champions personal growth, work-life harmony, and a profound sense of purpose. To this end, we actively invest in initiatives and programs designed to bolster our employees’ well-being, ensuring they are equipped with the resources and support they need to remain inspired and engaged.

What keeps Your Company moving forward even during challenges?

The first aspect I consider is the leadership team. Are they resilient and adaptable? Can they make tough decisions and pivot when required? Robust leadership is crucial for navigating challenges.

Relying solely on a single revenue stream is perilous. Companies that have multiple revenue streams, or at least a strategy to diversify, are in a stronger position to manage setbacks in one segment of their business.

A solid network of partners, advisors, and mentors is invaluable. Such companies can access crucial resources and support during tough times. We’ve always been fortunate to collaborate with astute partners. Moreover, a track record of resilience can be a promising predictor of future success, and we have numerous instances from our journey to underscore this.

How do you think technology is leading to changes in businesses? Do you feel it’s helping Your Company grow?

Technology is indisputably driving transformative changes across diverse industries. It serves as a catalyst for innovation, efficiency, and growth. From an angel investor’s viewpoint, embracing technology and keeping abreast of its advancements is crucial for a company’s success.

How are Your Company adapting to digitalization?

RKĀN Holdings Limited is proactively embracing digitalization, emphasizing a transition to a digital-first approach. The myriad benefits of digital transformation are evident, and our advancement towards being nearly 90% digital underscores our commitment to remaining competitive in the modern digital era.

What are the services/solutions or products offered by Your Company as par with the current industry standards? Tell us something about your upcoming products or services?

Our parent company, RKAN Holdings Limited, comprises 11 companies operating across seven countries.

Our diverse range of services includes:

  • Protective Service Operations, Private Investigation, and Detective Services
  • Legal Services
  • Real Estate
  • Web 3.0
  • Film Production
  • Pharma
  • Project Financing
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Agriculture & AgroTech
  • Art & Design Studio
  • Precious Metals, Gemstones, and Minerals Trading
  • Logistics Consulting

Our latest venture and one that we consider as a legacy project is our own Switzerland-based investment company that is licensed and regulated, providing a range of financial services. We offer diverse investment opportunities, paymaster services, project financing, and specialize in monetizing virtual assets and banking instruments. Our company operates in the financial hub of Switzerland, benefiting from its stability and regulatory oversight.

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