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Mexico: Seven mutilated bodies found outside church


A beach panorama as Tropical Storm Max approached Acapulco, Mexico, on September 14, 2017. | REUTERS/Troy Merida

Authorities in Chilpancingo, the capital of the Mexican state of Guerrero, reportedly found seven dismembered bodies inside an SUV parked outside the San Mateo Catholic Church over the weekend.

The main national newspaper “Millennium Daily” Report Most of the seven bodies discovered by authorities on Friday belonged to members of the Peralta Catalan family, the Guerrero state attorney general’s office confirmed.The family has been missing since June 9, according to Borderlands reports Paraphrased on Monday.

Four of the dead have been identified as Eloy Peralta García, 38, his wife Elizabeth Catalan Olalde, 39; son Diego Gael Peralta Catalan, 17; and his girlfriend Brithani Castro Santiago, 16. The family was reported missing while driving from Chilpancingo to the popular resort town of Acapulco, about 70 miles southwest of the city.

According to Milenho, there is no indication whether the bodies of the three other men featured in the two abduction videos of the Peralta Catalan family have been claimed by relatives.

Authorities in the state of Guerrero are investigating the circumstances that led to the violence.

“Evidence containing relevant information was found at the crime scene and will be analyzed and used in the investigation,” the attorney general’s office said in a statement. statement.

Authorities found handwritten signs threatening Chilpancingo Mayor and another city official at the crime scene, Border Report reported. The banners, which have now been widely circulated on social media, also contain threats against suspected leaders of local crime gangs.

A week ago, friends and relatives of the Peralta Catalan family organized a protestcalling on local authorities to take action to find missing relatives.

this increasing levels of violence The situation in Chilpancingo reflects a broader trend across the state of Guerrero, which has seen escalating conflict over the past four years.

Notably, there is intense criminal competition among the state’s drug gangs, including the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and the Michoacan family. These powerful groups have been vying for control of the lucrative drug trade routes and local criminal enterprises in the state of Guerrero.

The state, once primarily known for its sunny seaside resorts like Acapulco, has become synonymous with escalating violence and gang wars.

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