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“Michael Massey didn’t think about Netflix ratings in Abu Dhabi finale”

“Michael Massey didn’t think about Netflix ratings in Abu Dhabi finale”

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen start the final lap. FIA F1 Abu Dhabi December 2021 Photo credit: Alamy

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen start the final lap. FIA F1 Abu Dhabi December 2021 Photo credit: Alamy

James Gay-Rees, Producer, Netflix Tennis Documentary Series breakpointdismissing the idea that Michael Massey was playing for the camera when he made a controversial decision in the 2021 title race in Abu Dhabi.

The events of that Sunday, from Christian Horner’s “Let ‘Em Race” to Toto Wolff’s “No, Michael, No!” to Masi’s “It’s Called Racing,” about Abu Dhabi’s 2021 season finale​ ​The Grand Prix has said a lot.

Deciding the title was Massi’s final race as FIA race director, a position the Australian left after facing a barrage of criticism for his controversial and unprecedented decision to let only car leader Hamilton and No. Max Verstappen relaxes himself between two.

That was the five cars that were lapped and the other three told to stop because there wasn’t enough time for them all to pass the leader, meaning the race – and the title race – would be led by the safety car Next end.

While Red Bull celebrated, Mercedes was furious at other drivers who also spoke out.

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Carlos Sainz, who was third at the start of the final lap, overtook himself and Verstappen in front, calling it an “unfair” and “odd” decision, while Mai Lando Norris of the Karen team thought Massey was playing with the camera.

“It’s obviously about the fight, of course it’s about the TV, it’s about the result,” he said.

However, Gay-Rees dismissed the suggestion.

making breakpointThe tennis docuseries hoped to capitalize on Drive to Survive’s popularity, and he didn’t believe for a moment that Masi would consider ratings.

“I think [Masi] There was just a lot of pressure and some mistakes were made,” he told the Guardian.

“I don’t think he’s thinking ‘what does Netflix want?'”

Gay-Rees, who also made the 2010 documentary SennaBelieves that the popularity of Netflix’s series of sports documentaries stems from “viewers wanting to go beyond the broadcast version of sports.

“There’s a huge curiosity about elite athletes and a desire to understand sport differently, looking to see individual input through a behind-the-scenes look.”

Netflix’s documentary series Drive to Survive has been credited with creating a new audience of Formula 1 fans, pushing not just the younger market but Americans as well.

However, it is not without controversy.

Defending world champion Max Verstappen refused to take part because he felt Netflix was blurring the lines by creating competition that didn’t exist and damaging its reputation by doing so.

He did sit in front of the camera last year, giving online interviews. He said he hoped they “will put it to good use”.

“I don’t know when I’ll be able to see it, but I hope I’ll be happy after watching it,” he said.

“I know it’s important for F1 to grow the sport.”

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