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Millennium Logo Agreement locally sourced products


Millennium Hotels and Resorts has partnered with leading food and beverage sourcing platform Watermelon to incorporate locally sourced produce into its hotels in the UAE.

The partnership aims to revolutionize the way food is sourced, delivered and consumed in UAE hotels. The partnership between Millennium Hotels & Resorts and Watermelon will support the local economy, promote sustainable food practices and ultimately aim to provide an exceptional dining experience.

At the heart of this partnership is sourcing produce from local farmers, ensuring Millennium uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Watermelon has a dedicated team working with local farmers and fishermen across the UAE to offer a curated selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and other home-grown ingredients through its platform.

The platform includes an active network of more than 50 commercial farm companies representing more than 1,000 local farmers, including well-known local farm companies such as Manbat.

The highly anticipated partnership will be launched at the iconic Dubai hotel Millennium Plaza Downtown’s Italian restaurant Al Fresco. As part of the initiative, executive chef Christophe Prud’homme of Millennium Plaza downtown will create an exclusive menu using locally sourced ingredients, offering guests a true ‘al fresco’ dining experience. Future plans include launching a ‘Family Farm’ style breakfast featuring a variety of nutritious local produce sourced from UAE farms.

Fahad Abdulrahim Kazim, CEO of MEA Millennium Hotels & Resorts, said: “We are delighted to embark on this food sustainability journey with Watermelon, a platform that provides access to thousands of local farmers in the UAE. Our One of the main brand pillars is making a positive contribution to the communities we serve and we are committed to giving back to the communities through our social and environmental initiatives.

“Our partnership with Watermelon will demonstrate our commitment and support the creation of a more resilient and sustainable food system that nurtures local communities and celebrates the incredible flavors that the UAE has to offer. Millennium Hotels & Resorts is committed to We are committed to pursuing agricultural sustainability and promoting food diversity to enhance the dining experience at all of our hotels.”

Omar Al Shamsi, CEO, Watermelon; “We are delighted to be partnering with Millennium Hotels & Resorts to promote sustainable food practices and support local farmers in the UAE. We are delighted to be working with Chef Christophe to create these restaurants that emphasize local ingredients from the UAE. Great food. In line with the Department of Climate Change and the Environment’s National Farm Sustainability Initiative supporting local farmers, we can foster a resilient and sustainable food system that benefits everyone.”

Aiming to extend this to other hotels in the UAE, the brand’s sustainability vision seeks to continually seek to improve environmental performance across the enterprise, directly related to operations and indirectly through purchasing decisions, products and services to guests and business pursuits Chance.

Chef Christophe of Al Fresco, Executive Chef at Millennium Plaza Downtown, said: “I grew up on a farm full of fresh food, and as an aspiring young chef, I smelled and touched fruit and vegetables. Today, my A dream come true. I am so excited to be working with the best of the UAE’s seasonal produce, including a wide range of fruits and vegetables, as well as other produce grown in the UAE.

“Working closely with Watermelon, I can go back to my youthful memories of enjoying the aromas and seeing the locally grown vegetables that I will soon be preparing at the chef’s table at Alfresco.”

Watermelon currently has a roster of over 50 registered local farmers including Manbat. As part of this initiative, Watermelon is actively seeking to expand the number of local farmers on the platform, considering that there are over 900 registered farms in the UAE. – trade arab news agency


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