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Miral Experiences Discusses Five Attractions at Yas Island SeaWorld Abu Dhabi – InPark Magazine


The first SeaWorld International park opens on May 24, 2023 in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. InPark Magazine Chief Correspondent Joe Kleiman attended the grand opening and asked park developer/owner Miral Experiences five questions about this innovative marine life park.

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How does the park highlight Emirati culture and achievements?
Dhows at Abu Dhabi Marine Domain harbor

Through an immersive experience at the park, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi honors the legacy of Sheikh Zayed by showcasing the UAE’s values, marine achievements and advancing environmental stewardship.Sea Kingdom Abu Dhabi at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi immerses guests in Emirati culture with authentic architecture, design and décor including traditional geometric patterns, dhows [traditional Arabic sailing vessels], palm trees, touch pools with local fish and mangroves. Celebrating pearling traditions and the UAE’s deep connection to the sea, performances at the Al Naham Theater offer a glimpse into the country’s rich Bedouin history.

How will the park help cement Abu Dhabi’s leadership in tourism and animal management?
Puffins in the Arctic

When it comes to animal care, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi employs hundreds of highly skilled and passionate zoologists, marine biologists, veterinarians and animal care specialists who dedicate their lives to caring for all the animals in the park. The park ensures the highest standard of care for the animals and is equipped with systems such as animal handling and life support systems to mimic the animals’ natural habitat to ensure their health and wellbeing. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is the first facility in the MENA region to be certified by a global humanitarian organization. Our habitats are specifically designed to meet the needs of each species. We continually invest in our animal habitats to ensure a safe, enriching and engaging experience for our animals and guarantee that they meet or exceed the highest zoological standards.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi integrates seamlessly into Yas Island’s award-winning theme parks such as Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi and CLYMB, enhancing the overall visitor experience through its unique entertainment offerings. With a strong focus on marine life and conservation, the park underscores Miral’s commitment to creating captivating experiences for guests and aligns with the company’s vision to position Yas Island as a leading tourism destination.

PGAV Destinations acted as the park’s creative consultant and habitat designer. Why are they a good fit for this project?
Endless Ocean – the world’s largest multi-species aquarium

Their longstanding relationship spans more than 30 years, designing most of SeaWorld Parks and Recreation’s major attractions. This deep-rooted connection gives them a deep understanding of the brand, allowing them to effectively contribute to its growth. Their multidisciplinary teams bring expertise in architecture, landscape design, theming, storytelling and more, ensuring a holistic approach to creating world-class attractions. These qualities, combined with their brand familiarity and ability to seamlessly integrate our vision into their designs, made PGAV the perfect design firm for SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

Education has been part of the SeaWorld experience since the 1960s. How does SeaWorld Abu Dhabi engage with local educators?

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi actively partners with the community to provide a rich and inspiring educational experience. The park hosts local schools, and students are welcome to come explore the park and learn about marine life first-hand. Educators are located throughout the park, providing valuable insights and explanations about the animals and promoting a greater understanding of marine conservation. In addition to school visits, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi hosts educational talks and workshops, facilitating further engagement and learning opportunities.

In addition, Yas Seaworld Research and Rescue Center offers a diverse program for learners of all ages, designed to engage, educate and develop the next generation of marine biologists. These projects expose students to rescue and rehabilitation work as well as research by teams of subject matter experts. Through these projects, students learn about ocean knowledge topics such as the ocean’s support for all kinds of life, the role of microbes as primary producers, and human dependence on the ocean. The projects also delve into human impact on the oceans, including overfishing, ghost net entanglements and pollution. In some cases, learners participate in simulations of veterinary teamwork, practicing basic techniques. Students explore a variety of marine samples in wet lab classrooms, using scientific equipment to deepen their understanding of marine ecosystems.

How does SeaWorld Abu Dhabi expand on the concept proposed by SeaWorld North America?
The Yas Seaworld Research and Rescue Center is a separate facility within the same building.

In developing the park, Miral recognized the importance of certain elements of SeaWorld America’s park that are critical to Abu Dhabi. One element of this is the establishment of a research center near SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. Part of a network of three facilities across the United States, the center builds on SeaWorld’s legacy of 40,000 animal rescues to date and nearly 60 years of excellence in research, rescue, rehabilitation and conservation.

In line with SeaWorld’s educational priorities, Yas Seaworld Research and Rescue offers a variety of programs that allow participants to learn about research, rescue and recovery efforts, and the impact of human activities on the ocean. These educational activities are designed to give guests a deeper understanding of marine life conservation and foster a sense of responsibility.

Additionally, animal encounters with different marine species are an integral part of Abu Dhabi Parks, allowing visitors to interact and communicate with these magnificent animals. By bringing the thematic expertise and experience of SeaWorld America’s parks to the UAE, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi ensures a world-class marine entertainment experience, drawing on the legacy and success of its American counterparts and ensuring the safety and well-being of the animals.


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