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Mission Ferrari: Ferrari World’s Immersive New Roller Coaster

Want to drive a themed Ferrari spy car with the world’s first ride system of its kind on the streets of Maranello, Italy? Ferrari World Abu Dhabi There are experiences that are right for you.

“The Ferrari Mission is the culmination of our continuous efforts to deliver a first-class customer experience,” said General Manager of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi deanna taylor“As the world’s most immersive giant roller coaster, the ride is equipped with the latest technological advancements in the industry. mission ferrari is our most advanced ride to date and bringing it to life is our proudest moment. “

Abu Dhabi Quest Ferrari Roller Coaster

New multimedia attraction challenges “agents” to deliver a spy car to the Ferrari factory in Maranello. Along the way, they encounter menacing raiders and a variety of obstacles, brought to life by themed props and special effects.

Part coaster, part dark ride, 5D experience rooted in the first-ever SFX Coaster ride system Dynamic attractionsWhile the corkscrew segment, which has been showcasing escapes outside the building since before the pandemic hit, has been teasing guests at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, much of the action has taken place in the dark. This includes two world-first elements, a sideways drop and slope, and a drop switch.

your task awaits

The Mission Ferrari experience begins with a preview and themed queue, where Agent Cavallino greets guests as they line up and explains the mission ahead. Once aboard the nine-seater RV, riders travel through Italian vineyards before they encounter the Vipers for the first time, the group of villains intent on hijacking a Ferrari spy car.

The first of three LSM launch sequences pushed the vehicle out of the building and into the Bella Italia attraction below.this roller coasterTop speed is 72 km/h. Back in the car, the car approaches a double-decker bridge. An armored vehicle approaches, and a helicopter fires missiles from above. There is a huge explosion, and the spy car falls through a hole in the bridge and falls into the Italian countryside in another firing sequence.

The vehicle then navigates the bend towards the dam. With the help of tilt and drop elements, passengers will find themselves hovering above the edge as attackers shoot from above. Cars are sent back into black holes, reverse loops and helixes.

Meanwhile, in the back streets of Maranello, there’s another helicopter fight involving a life-size helicopter. The missile appeared to hit the car and chaos ensued. Sparks fly, road signs bend backwards, and spaghetti is thrown into the air at a nearby restaurant!

Unexpected riding elements

With more than half a kilometer of track, the mission was successfully accomplished as a sideways descent dispatched the spy car deep into the Ferrari factory.

Dynamic Attractions CEO says this element is designed to completely surprise guests Guy Nelson“Side drop switch Accelerates sideways, dropping a vehicle full of guests off a hill. The action is synchronized with the performance set and projected media in the scene. When the guests focus in the opposite direction, the effect is powerful and intentional.” Unexpected and exciting.”

mission ferrari

The highly anticipated attraction, which runs for about 3.5 minutes (plus a preview), opened in January after years of delays. These are due in part to the complexity of the ride-hailing system as well as the pandemic.The roller coaster is located in a display building in the city center theme parkwhich previously housed water rides.

A technical team of more than 100 people took Mission Ferrari to the finish line. Concepts, schematics and detailed designs were prepared by TAA Group, who also provided show sets, themes and mechanicals.creative director is george walkerArtistic Director Sven Riegel and technical director Mike Hemsson. Other suppliers include Aecom, db Show Control & Automation, Medialon, Beckhoff, Allen Bradley and holovisIt provides AV system.

Different experience

The launch of Mission Ferrari is the latest of several new attractions at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi in recent years as yas island destinations Seeking to expand its offer.

“With each new attraction, our goal is to provide our guests with an experience that caters to their preferences,” Taylor said. “Whether it’s the opening of the Family Zone in 2020 or the unique Ferrari-inspired attractions Examples include rooftop walks and zipline experiences. “

Taylor added that customer satisfaction with Mission Ferrari was already high. She described the new attraction as “an experience like no other” and that “visitors will enjoy a truly immersive journey inspired by Ferrari”.

A second SFX coaster with another unique attraction concept is expected later this year at Genting Sky World in Malaysia.

Images: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Dirk Ermen and Dynamic Attractions

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