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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Multiple deaths, 70 rescued from burning Vietnam building

A massive fire in Hanoi, Vietnam, killed dozens in a 10-story apartment block. The blaze started in the parking area, which was crowded with residents’ motorbikes, just before midnight on Tuesday (5 pm GMT).

Approximately 70 people were rescued, with 54 rushed to the hospital, including those who tragically lost their lives, according to the official Vietnam News Agency.

This incident occurred in a densely populated part of southwest Hanoi, making it difficult for rescuers to access the narrow alley where the building was located. Tragically, victims had limited escape options due to the apartment’s layout.

This incident follows a similar tragedy a year ago when a fire in a three-story karaoke bar in Ho Chi Minh City claimed the lives of 32 people and injured 17. The bar’s owner was arrested on charges related to violating fire prevention regulations. Vietnam has seen a series of deadly fires in recent years, often occurring at popular entertainment venues like karaoke bars.

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