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Museum of the Future, SAP presents OSS Hope Simulator

The Museum of the Future’s newest showcase, SAP’s OSS Hope Simulator, has been unveiled, offering an immersive experience that allows people to see how today’s technology can be used to sustain the space station of the future.

The launch was part of the SAP NOW event held at the museum, which explored the future of innovation, sustainability and digital transformation.

The new exhibition is the result of a strategic partnership between the Museum of the Future and SAP announced over the past year. This is one of a series of collaborative agreements established by the museum with the aim of becoming a vital laboratory for entities around the world and able to generate futuristic and innovative technological solutions to the greatest challenges facing humanity.

power of transformation

SAP’s OSS Hope Simulator is located on the Tomorrow Today floor of the museum, a space dedicated to future technologies that have the power to change the way we live. The simulator shows visitors various scenarios that will have an impact on the Orbiting Space Station (OSS) Hope, a space structure that redirects solar energy to power Earth by 2071, as the museum envisions it.

The space station is constantly striving to maximize its resources, so it is critical to sustainably balance energy, materials and opportunities for all inhabitants, as well as the station itself. Guided by an AI assistant, visitors playing games at one of the three available gaming stations encounter challenges that use existing SAP technologies and solutions to reduce emissions, waste and inequality to zero, making OSS Hope becomes a more sustainable vision.

Majed Al Mansoori, Deputy Executive Director of MOTF, said: “Our partnership with SAP reinforces the importance of museums as global testbeds for the latest technologies and innovations of the future and as centers of international collaboration aimed at developing new solutions for humanity in the coming years and generations. The most pressing challenge of the decade.”

Innovative experience

He added: “The Museum of the Future aims to design innovative experiences and solutions that support social progress, in line with the vision that humans are at the heart of future aspirations, and that pioneering technologies play an important role in creating new opportunities, ensuring better outcomes for future generations. glorious future.”

Sergio Maccotta, Senior Vice President, Middle East Africa Southern, SAP, said: “While SAP helps organizations of all abilities run better, the OSS Hope Simulator gives us the opportunity to engage directly with people of all ages to demonstrate how innovation can A more sustainable and brighter future. In addition, the installation showcases SAP solutions that support its sustainability goals, highlighting the synergy between humans and technology and reinforcing our belief that sustainable development Choosing the best solutions for our future requires combined human empathy and data-driven insights. Ultimately, it acknowledges that technology can help solve some of the deepest environmental, economic, and social challenges of our time.”

As part of the installation, the simulator includes a “knowledge wall” that explains how the various solutions and technologies used by SAP work. Once players have selected from the various courses of action presented in the simulated challenge, they can view SAP’s global use cases to understand the current application of that particular solution. A total of eight solutions were used in the SAP simulation, including blockchain, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, hyperautomation and digital twins.

zero emission

Maccotta noted that since the simulator focuses on zero emissions, zero waste and zero inequality, it is fitting that it will be launched in the UAE’s year of sustainability and the year COP28 will be held in Dubai. He added that according to a new survey released by SAP, the UAE government’s focus on sustainability has had ripple effects across all industries.

Sustainability is linked to business success

“A recent survey commissioned by SAP revealed that the vast majority of UAE companies fully agree on the importance of sustainability, including its role in future business success,” said Maccotta.

“Businesses are under pressure from customers and partners to demonstrate sustainable practices, and the survey shows this pressure is also being driven internally as the financial value of sustainability is increasingly recognized.”

According to Maccotta, new YouGov survey commissioned by SAP shows that 96% of UAE companies recognize the importance of sustainability as a business objective, with 52% describing it as critical to their success. Likewise, 94 percent of IT decision makers surveyed said their organization’s financial performance and sustainability strategy will be interrelated within the next 12 months, with 36 percent saying they will be intrinsically linked.

supply chain

When IT decision-makers were asked about their company’s specific sustainability goals for the next 18 months, the most-cited goal was to address supply chain sustainability (65%), closely followed by reducing waste ( 62%) and reduce carbon emissions (53%).

In addition to sustainability, the survey also revealed that companies in the UAE are also very focused on digital transformation. A total of 89 percent of companies plan to further invest in digital transformation cloud solutions and services in the next 18 months. Additionally, 95 percent of respondents said technology and innovation are critical to the success of their sustainability strategies.

“The survey results are encouraging because they show that businesses are recognizing the important role that technology can play in sustainability. At SAP, we create solutions with sustainability in mind, whether designing business process applications or SAP Today Launched OSS Hope Simulator,” Maccotta said.

“The survey results also showed broad support for SAP’s strong belief that digital transformation is key to sustainable development. Businesses in the UAE realize that cloud computing is more efficient than on-premises solutions in terms of carbon emissions and energy consumption, while technology Tracking and managing sustainability aspects are also integral,” concludes Maccotta. trade arab news agency

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