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Roberta Kaplan made it

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher used to say: “If you want to hear a speech, ask a man. If you want to get something done, ask a woman.” Roberta Kaplan ) finally wins a lawsuit against a man who escaped the law for 50 years – 45-year-old in the USday president. A civil lawsuit by author E. Jean Carroll over a sexual assault in New York in the 1990s was settled in a $5 million sexual abuse and defamation settlement. Kaplan is proudly a lesbian and a longtime advocate for lesbian, gay and women’s rights. Kaplan is best known for representing Edie Windsor, a lesbian widow who challenged defense of marriage laws. In 2013, DOMA’s Title 3 was ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court

FDA clarifies gay/bisexual blood donation, Secondof

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced that it will allow more gay and bisexual men to donate blood. Previous rule: Blood cannot be used if a man has had anal sex with another man within the last three months. One major change: Monogamous men no longer need abstinence to donate. All potential donors are now required to complete an individualized risk assessment — regardless of gender or sexual orientation. People who have had anal sex with a new partner or with more than one partner in the past three months will be asked to wait to donate blood.

RIP Dame Edna, never drag

Comedian Barry Humphries, while not gay, created one of the most recognizable drag characters in recent memory, the internationally acclaimed stage personality “Sir Edna Everridge.” Humphries died in his native Australia at the age of 89. He started playing the role of Dame Edna in the 1950s. The lady was one of many stage characters he created and became the most famous. Humphreys played Lady Edna, who won a Tony Award for her Broadway play Lady Edna: The Royal Journey. Lady Edna’s alter ego was married four times. Apparently, a biological female couldn’t compete with Humphreys’ superfeminine creation, Lady Edna.

Twitter changes language/conduct policy.oh poop

Twitter has removed language from its “Hateful Conduct Policy” that prohibits the targeted sexism or “necrophobia” of transgender people. This policy has been implemented since 2018. The Gay Anti-Defamation League said the move made Twitter less safe for people and advertisers. Twitter’s reporting feature still allows users to report tweets that “sexist or dename” a person or group of people. The site responded to requests for comment with the đź’© “pile of poop” emoji, an automated message sent in reply to all media requests.

An Overview of Transgender Legislation

North Dakota The law now regulates and restricts transgender healthcare for those under the age of 18.

Additionally, public schools and government entities are now prohibited from requiring teachers and employees to use pronouns of choice to refer to transgender people.

Teachers must now tell parents or legal guardians if a student identifies as transgender.

Transgender students may not use the restroom of their choice without prior approval from a parent or guardian. It’s not clear if this is required every time a child needs the bathroom, or if blanket notice is allowed.

Missouri The attorney general has announced new restrictions on gender-affirming care for adults and minors. The statute is a legal opinion on existing law and is believed to be the first in the United States to address adult transgender care. Advocacy groups have threatened to sue the administration for overreach. Minors will no longer have access to puberty blockers, hormones or surgery. The adult ban affects Medicaid healthcare subscribers and inmates in local and state prisons and prisons.

Missouri law now prohibits transgender girls and women from participating in women’s sports teams in public, private and charter schools up to the collegiate level.

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly vetoed four anti-transgender bills. The veto was narrowly defeated.

Montana House Speaker Ruled Montana’s Only Transgender Official Zooey Zephyr Rep. Zooey Zephyr Can’t Participate in Debate Until She Stands for Lawmakers Saying Lawmakers Will Have “Blood on Their Hands” “. The action led to widespread protests at the State Capitol in Helena by trans activists and allies. Montana becomes the 15th state to allow minors access to medical procedures to change their sex.

Colorado Became the first U.S. state to introduce gender-affirming health care as an essential health benefit (EHB). Under federal law, every state is required to provide ten EHBs, such as prescription drugs and emergency services. The federal Department of Health and Human Services formally signed Colorado’s agreement to consider gender-affirming health care in EHB. Colorado 4day Dubbed the “AR 15 Barbie,” the Congressional rep objected to federal ok, calling it a disgrace.

washington state The governor signed a law protecting minors seeking transgender medical care in Washington from the intervention of estranged parents. Formal notification is required by law for parents of children seeking surgical or drug solutions to change sex in “state care”.

U.S. Congress Legislation was passed to ban transgender women and girls from participating in girls’ school sports. The Women and Girls in Sport Act was brought to the US Senate for action but failed to pass.

surfer wiped out

Professional surfer Bethany Hamilton says she doesn’t plan to compete in upcoming World Surf League events after the organization announced a policy change to allow transgender women to compete in women’s events.

Court to review transgender insurance coverage

The Richmond-based U.S. Court of Appeals said it will discuss whether North Carolina’s state health insurance program could bar coverage for sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy sought by transgender people. North Carolina is one of at least 15 states whose employee health plans do not include procedures related to gender transition.

keep your mouth shut, coach

UC basketball coaching legend Bob Hudgens has been fined for using a homophobic and religious slur in a radio interview. Hudgens is legendary for his on-court victories and DUIs, suggesting that no member of the Xavier University basketball team would transfer to his West Virginia University school. “Catholics don’t do that,” he said. “Any school can throw a rubber dildo on the floor and say they didn’t do it and, God forbid, they get away with it.” When the interviewer asked if it was ” “Transgender Night,” Hudgens replied, “No, it was all those gays, I think it was those Catholic gays.” The Hall of Fame coach was later suspended and fined, and he apologized for the slur.

Attractive good morning wake up call

ABC News names Gio Benitez as good morning americaTelevised on Saturday and Sunday.He is clearly gay, as GLAAD announced his appointment in a statement, “GLAAD congratulates Gio Benitez on his appointment good morning americaweekend show and commended ABC News for continuing to elevate the inclusive and intersectional LGBTQ experience. The use of the word “crossover” clearly refers to his Hispanic origin. Since 2020, Benitez has covered transportation, aviation and space exploration at ABC News.

gotta love midwestern city

City Council Kansas City, Missouri Announced that the city would be a sanctuary for Missouri residents seeking treatment for gender issues. Instructing city departments to ignore the Missouri Attorney General’s “order” that the legislature prohibit gender-related medical treatment of minors, and adults would also be protected.

exist Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the Human Rights Commission asked Mayor Rob Green to sign a letter declaring June Pride Month. The mayor spoke of his Christian values ​​in announcing his decision not to support the proclamation. A poop storm ensues. During the city council meeting, citizens told the mayor they were embarrassed. Others told him they didn’t feel safe. The mayor backed down, using the example of “Iowa is fine,” saying, “We don’t have to agree in order to love each other and try to understand each other.”


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