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National & World News – Overview – Sunday 9 July 2023


Signs Iowa governor has favorites

Iowa Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds said she does not plan to formally endorse a candidate in the presidential race. But through her words and actions, Reynolds appeared to be softening Iowa’s support for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, seemingly trying to set the stage for him to take on former President Donald Trump. Reynolds, who visited Iowa four times this year, three of which were with DeSantis and appeared with his wife, praised Florida’s achievements under his leadership and referred to the state’s success as Connect with Iowa.

Transgender care ban goes into effect in Tennessee, appeals panel says

A Tennessee law banning hormone therapy and puberty blockers for transgender teens is likely to go into effect, a federal appeals panel said Saturday, marking the first time a federal court has allowed a law banning transition care to be fully enforced in the United States. The ruling was made by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in Cincinnati. It’s a notable blow to trans youth, their families and allies, who have relied on the state’s judiciary as a last resort to block a raft of transitional care laws they say will harm young people’s health.

For older Americans, rising temperatures bring more than misery

Last week, another wave of dangerous heat swept across the south and into the west, posing particular danger to seniors, who are among the most vulnerable to extreme conditions. Forecasters expect the hot weather to continue into the coming week, with the heat index rising above 100 degrees across large swathes of the South. It has caused suffering and underscores a recognition that health risks will intensify as heat from climate change is likely to last longer. Medical experts say the aging process makes older bodies generally less able to withstand extreme heat.

After affirmative action ruling, Asian Americans ask what’s next

Asian-Americans are at the heart of the Supreme Court’s rulings against Harvard and UNC. In both cases, the plaintiffs said, high-achieving Asian-American applicants lost out to less academically qualified students. But interviews with about two dozen Asian-American students in the days after the court’s ruling showed that, for most of them — no matter how they felt about affirmative action — the decision was less of a problem. May assuage doubts about the fairness of college admissions. “I don’t think this decision leveled the playing field in any way,” said Divya Tulsiani, the daughter of Indian immigrants. “It’s kind of counterproductive.”

Mango is the King of Summer in Miami

With the onset of summer, the air in South Florida is getting more humid. Then, something magical happened: the mango tree bore fruit. In good years like this year, there are so many mangoes that strangers gift them on their lawns and neighbors box them up and mail them to loved ones. South Florida’s mango evangelists value the high June-August season most because of how sharing a beloved fruit brings people together in a relatively young, multinational city that lacks widespread shared traditions. Mangoes remind immigrants of where they left off and make Miami, a mishmash of cultures and languages, feel like home.

Far-right parties are on the rise across Europe. Is Spain next?

As Spain prepares for elections, some European liberal politicians fear the far-right Vox party could become the first right-wing party to enter Spain’s national government since the days of Francisco Franco. Vox’s rise is part of a growing trend of far-right parties gaining power in some cases by entering government as junior partners. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen appeared to recognize the changing political landscape on the continent, saying in Spain last week that the bloc needed to deliver tangible results to combat “extremist” forces.

‘Bucha’ gets a remake, but there’s still pain behind the surface

On Vokzarna Street in Bucha, Ukraine, there is a neat row of houses. Dilapidated houses once lined both sides of the road, which was littered with burnt Russian tanks. Backhoes and bulldozers are plowing the construction site, and a new home goods store will replace one that burned down. More than a year after Ukrainian forces recaptured Buta from Russian troops, the town has attracted international investment, substantially revamped it and has become a stop for delegations of foreign leaders. Behind the veneer of revival, however, the pain that Boucher endured during a horrific month under Russian occupation still lingers.

Dutch government collapse highlights Europe’s new immigration politics

The collapse of the Dutch coalition government over a proposed refugee policy has once again highlighted the power of immigrants as the arbiters of European politics. The current crisis in the Netherlands was sparked by conservative Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who resigned after his centrist coalition partners refused to back his tough new policy on refugees. For the past decade or so, centrist parties have tried to accommodate the hardline immigration views of traditionally conservative voters while banding together to hold back far-right parties. But the collapse of the Dutch government seems to suggest that this strategy may be running out of steam.

Zelensky shows resistance as Russia strikes on 500th day of Ukraine war

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy marked 500 days since the start of the war in a defiant way following deadly attacks by Russian troops in eastern Ukraine on Saturday, sharing a video of himself visiting a Black Sea island, The island has become a powerful symbol of Russia’s resistance to the war in Ukraine. invasion. At least seven civilians were killed and 13 wounded when Russian troops shelled the center of Lyman in the eastern Donetsk region, Ukrainian officials said. Ukraine’s prosecutor general said Russian troops used cluster munitions in the attack. The attack came a day after U.S. President Joe Biden said the U.S. would provide weapons to Ukraine to counter Russian entrenched power.

In Ukraine, they are doctors; in Ukraine, they are doctors.In the UK they are unemployed

Dr. Samir Sheikh stares at a picture of himself on his phone. The doctor on the operating table in the photo is now almost unrecognizable to him. After escaping the war in Iraq at age 16, Sheikh started life as a trauma surgeon in Ukraine. But now, the jingle of job rejection emails signaled his time had come. After leaving Ukraine in March 2022, he became a refugee again, this time in the UK, struggling to find a medical position commensurate with his skills. Andrew Geddes, director of the Migration Policy Center at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy, said it was not uncommon for highly qualified refugees to find it difficult to find jobs related to their skills.

Toronto gears up for ‘Beyoncé weekend’

If it’s up to fans, one of the first actions of the incoming Toronto mayor will be to declare a city holiday in honor of Beyoncé’s latest tour in the city, kicking off her North American tour. Beyoncé is planning the North American leg of her first solo tour in seven years this weekend with two shows in Toronto, a city still recovering from the pandemic that shut down live performances, concerts Attendance was well below capacity. Her blockbuster performance, part of the Renaissance world tour, is expected to spark traffic jams around the concert venue Rogers Center, with crowds flooding downtown streets.

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