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UMKC wanted a new arena and entertainment area. And what about Brookside’s neighbors?


Quality of Life

UMK officials hold hearing on request for proposals Construction of a 5,000-seat arena and 5-acre development Located next to the KC streetcar terminus at 51st Street and Brookside Boulevard for retail, housing and events.

Neighbors expressed concern because they were neither asked nor consulted before UMKC decided to solicit developers to utilize the last streetcar stop. University officials want private developers to build facilities they can’t afford without regard for the residents of South Plaza and other neighborhoods, who must suffer the consequences—a headache known as neighborhood improvement.

Basic community issues include parking, noise and light pollution, and reduced quality of life. We don’t know how noisy the streetcar terminal is, although the TDA ratepayers support it for the benefit of students and neighbors. There is a fee for parking on the UMKC campus. As a result, people park their cars on the streets of the surrounding neighbourhoods.

The proposed arena sits in a recessed valley that amplifies and transmits sound to 63rd Street. Is there a developer who can guarantee that noise from sports and music events is manageable?

As neighbors, we implore UMKC leaders not to locate the arena across from the residence. are you listening

– Keith E. Spall, Kansas City

help nurse

Before COVID-19, during the pandemic, and even today, millions of healthcare workers endure long, difficult shifts filled with heartbreak, understaffed, overworked and neglected. Many times, this leads to burnout and physical and mental breakdown.

For many years, burnout was considered an individual problem rather than a system-wide problem. When burnout occurs, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, workplace hostility, and physical wear and tear often follow.Proportion of Nurses Currently Affected by Depression, Anxiety, and Suicide higher than the average of the general public in the United States.

Steps must be taken to prevent other nurses or healthcare workers from falling into a burnout trap and suffering from trauma.

As a nurse, I am passionate about the health and well-being of others, and when a colleague or friend is in need, I always lend a helping hand to let them know they are not alone. Mental health is important to everyone. For those working in healthcare, it is extremely important to seek help when needed, to promote overall well-being, and to support each other when feeling down or struggling.

– Julia Brannon, independent

whose virtue?

I strongly disagree with Gillian Richards’ July 2 comment, “American indifference to religion does not bode well for the republic.” (17A) In a self-proclaimed “Christian” environment Among them, they support the removal of children from the arms of their parents because they dared to seek asylum in the United States (with no plan or means for them to return); “Christian” lawmakers enthusiastically passed laws to exclude LGBTQ+ members in our communities , expose and criminalize harassment and violence; “Christians” support the coercion of children as young as 10, victims of incest and rape, and those whose pregnancies are likely to prevent them from receiving medical care – please Let’s stay away from these religious “values”.

According to Richards, “self-government depends on morality and virtue, which in turn depends on religion.” We can agree that self-government depends on morality and virtue. However, religion is not the only source of these values, nor is it even necessarily a good source of these values, as our current society demonstrates.

We all agree with James Madison that republican government fails without virtue. Of course, much of American Christianity today is not a viable basis for this virtue.

– Judy A. Sharp, overland park

yes for war

The author of a letter (10A) dated July 6 implied that the AR-15 rifle was not a weapon of war. For a while in Vietnam, I was armed with a CAR-15, the carbine version of the M-16. It looked a lot like today’s AR-15. It is a weapon of war.

However, it is not a weapon. As I recall, its main benefit was that it was small and less likely to snag on vines that are common in jungles in that part of the world.

– Quentin W. Schiller, Lenexa

move backward

What’s next for the Supreme Court — authorize the return of quarantined lunch counters?

– Joseph McMillian, Olathe

count them

Is it time to track down Senator Josh Hawley’s lies and exaggerations? He tries to attract media attention by picking one issue each week and sparking controversy, even if it hasn’t been an issue before. His image relies on agitation for masculinity, our so-called Christian nation, anti-Semitism, social integration, border policy, and more.

He lied to become missouri attorney general And lied about being a senator. When the media reported his remarks as news, people only remembered his name, not the content of the question — the former president’s game plan, but in a more subtle way.

Tracking Hawley’s lies will reveal the extent of his lies and expose his true nature.

– Shell Ruffa, Leawood


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